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Johnny Navid

Johnny's Free Call

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*You would hear someone dictating Johnny to say something while they press the PTT Johnny's voice would sound muffled through a steel door*

To those that are concerned about me not returning last night I'm okay Ive been taken but I am being treated right. Much love Stay safe.

*You would hear someone say thats enough and would let go of the PTT returning to silence*


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*Georgia hears the familiar voice come through the radio, she doesn't know him well.. but it's obvious he's in distress.*

"Johnny, I want to thank you for protecting Ben like you did. For telling him not to react when they took you."

*Georgia's voice cracks, you couldn't tell if it was emotion or a bad signal.*

"That was selfless Johnny and I am so humbled by your actions."

*She pauses, thinking about her next words. She looks over at Ben, peacefully resting in his bed.*

"Once I get Ben put up somewhere safe, we will come for you... Don't lose hope Johnny."

"And before I go, again, thank you."

*Georgia lowers the radio.. She walks over to her sleeping child and bends down to give him a kiss on the forehead.*

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The static on the radio breaks, and you may recognize the voice that speaks, though now it sounds raspy and pained

"Apologies, Johnny is unavailable. I must say, I'm glad someone has something nice to say about Jonathan. He made it seem like he had no friends. I nearly believed him."

The voice chuckles for a moment before it turns into a cough. There is a long pause before the voice speaks again far more hoarse and you can hear the effort behind the words.

"I appreciate your cooperation when we took him. However, unless you have something to offer, I recommend staying away. He is well taken care of, and I'd hate for his one act of selflessness to have been wasted."

There is a slight pause and some more coughing before the voice finishes quickly in between coughs.

"Tell Ben Jonathan sends his regards."

The static returns over the frequency.


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