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Memoirs of a (Fallen) Doctor: Whispers in the Light

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The daily routine took its course once more, new to body and mind. Wake up, eyes to the ceiling, dim light shining in through the windows. Or was that the light above her? The shirt goes on first, pale, pink scars needing to be concealed from any prying eyes. Then the denim jeans, ripped fabric stretching evenly across her skin yet still crinkling in some areas. Soon enough, the rest are on, including the wrist-tablet. It chimes diligently, ready to do it's job at the flick of a finger. Out and onto the battlements and the woman is sitting on a low wall, legs dangling dangerously over the water and the rocks below. The pocket recorder clicks on, the voice coming through sounding unsure and as if she's sounding every bit as pained and confused. Harsh, snapping croaks, closer to a whisper than anything else.


"Oli-... I'm here, again. Another day and night has passed and I am... I am still alive."


"Unsure of what's happening, of who I am, anymore. Is this my truest self? My best self? I always thought that what I was, what I STILL am, WAS the best that I could become. Perhaps it still holds up. Perhaps I'm doomed to look through an eternity of this life. Whether that's with my own eyes, or through the sight of a loaded weapon... I am unsure. I wonder if my father felt this way, in the war, doomed to follow orders and shoot on command, much as I am. Perhaps I'll ask Murmur if he feels this way as well."


"Whisper... For a better tomorrow."


The click in the otherwise still air signifies the end of one ritual, and the beginning of another. The clinking of the plastic in her vest pouch and the overwhelming NEED to taste joy at long last. Within a second's notice, the vest is nearly destroyed in pursuit of this happiness. Twist, pull... Life enters her mouth in the color of white. One memory... Two memories... Three, four... A sigh escapes her as she retraces her steps, heading off to explore the day.

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Loving it! Never seen you around which is strange, us being in the same group anol.

Either way, I really enjoyed this! Keep it up!


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