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Invalid kill (roleplayed) 10 Points

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: I do not believed the verdict was fair because my life was threatened and I had no clue if the guys friends were going to kill me or not and didn't want to wait to find out. After he said "Oh yeah, they're all around, and in fact, they're telling me to tell you this: this is your last chance or you're gonna fucking die if you don't let me go."  after I asked him myself if he had any friends around, I thought by him saying that to me he initiated on me because he told me his friends said this is your last chance or your gonna die after I asked if he had friends around. He put his own life in danger by saying that we did not know if he was talking on the radio with his hands up or not and didn't know if he was bluffing or not.


What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Three day ban removed

What could you have done better? I could of said put your hands up like my friend had said since I am not in his official group. 

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Hello @Replaceful


A separate team of staff members have reviewed your appeal along with the original report and have come to the conclusion to deny it.

In this situation your victim was compliant and was of no threat to you. Whilst he states that he has friends nearby that will kill you if you do not release him, as stated in the original report this turned out to be a bluff. You had no way of knowing this at the time however you made no attempt to try to find out if he really had friends in the area because you gunned him down almost immediately.

You could have moved your hostage into cover and roleplayed with him. This roleplay probably would have led to you discovering that he was in fact fabricating the claims that he had friends in the area ready to rescue him. There are many avenues of roleplay that would have opened up had you not been so quick on the trigger. You could have questioned him about his friends, attempted to negotiate with them only to find out that your victim was bluffing. You could have then punished him for lying to you in an attempt to save his own life. This is just one possibility of how things could have gone down. Instead you opted for the quick kill instead of roleplay.

Another point to remark upon is that when the initiation is dropped, it is @MasonnWB who makes the initiation whilst you stand silently with your weapon raised. As you were part of a dynamic group and not an approved group, you must also initiate in order for any action you make against your victim to be valid in accordance with the rules. That being said, even if you had initiated along with Mason, the outcome of the report would not have changed.

Regarding claims that what your victim said counts as an initiation - If that is something the staff team were to entertain then it is highly likely you would be found guilty of ruleplay instead of an attempted invalid kill which would come with an increased punishment of a 5 day ban instead of the 3 days that you received.


With the above stated, the following applies.

Appeal Denied.


Signed by @Conor@Saunders

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