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Calling Vlad Visus

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Lev took a moment as he leaned against the helicopter, glancing up at his copatriot, who was dancing atop the crashed vehicle. 

"It may be military-grade steel, but it's also a crashed helicopter. All that fire and impact's gonna make it weak......" With a sigh, he placed the radio pack. "A'ight, fuck it. Gonna do it..." With a few switches, he spoke. 

"Hello Chernarus! It's your favorite former islander, here with a message for a man by the name of Vlad! Specifically, the one known as 'Vlad Visus'. As a rule I stay away from any big groups that I don't have friends in, but sadly someone's gone and forced my hand. So, let's talk. I've got some juicy information for you, and the best part it's free! You'll be free to use it however you damn well please. Hit me up. I'll keep the line open."

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*Kenneth sits in his dumpster. He picks up his radio *

Yo, this is Vlads Jester Indiana Jones. If you need to give Vlad info I can met up and relay it. I aim to serv my master.

*Kenneth passes out*

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