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"I'm my own worst enemy"

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The Name Has Been Changed In The Story To Protect His Identity  

New Friend

                         As Chad traveled around he met a new friend. A man that spoke in the 3rd person named Helios. A older man in his late 50's or early 60's Chad guessed. A slim man who seemed malnourished. "Helios collects junk and treasure alike, if you have literally any undesirables maybe we can trade?" he said to Chad with enthusiasm. Chad sat down, pulled his ski mask up and took off his ushanka. "The only thing I really need is 5.56 rounds for my rifle. How ever, I don't really have anything to trade. Can we make some sort of deal?" Chad asked. Thinking to himself and talking to himself under his breath, Helios had a confused look. He counted on his fingers as if he was doing math, and made many expressions on his face showing a variety of emotions within a few seconds. "FUCK!" Helios screamed. Which startled Chad, making him take a step back. "Helios thinks you could travel with Helios and offer protection for 5.56 rounds yes? Does Helios make a good offer?". Helios looked at Chad with a crazy look in his eye as he waited for the answer. That look, reminded Chad of his own reflection in broken glass. He's only had that look when thinking about eating flesh. The urge was getting worse. His sleep deprivation wasn't helping his state of mind either. "Helios asks you if you are ok? You have that 1,000 meter stare Helios says". Snapping out of his thoughts he remembered what the current situation was. Chad didn't like the idea of traveling with someone as crazy and unpredictable as Helios but he didn't have a choice. With a concerned look on his face, Chad wiped the sweat from his forehead and said "Yeah that sounds fair".  Helios gave a crooked smile, "Alright then, onward my friend. We have a little bit of ways to go".

The Airfield Incident

                         Chad and Helios started their journey at Novoselky. Most of the stores, like everywhere else, were empty. Helios pulled out a screw driver and stabbed the last zed at the well through the back of its skull. Covered in blood and semi exhausted, they filled up their canteens while only nodding their heads in unison. Traveling Northwest, they would stop at almost every town to search through abandoned buildings. Military checkpoints and clinics is what Helios mainly focused on. "Helios thinks we need tetracycline and sterilized bandages more than anything yes?". Chad nodded his head "If that's what you think is important than hell yeah I agree". After a day of travelling they finally ended up where Helios wanted to start building a home. Chad looked at the map realizing that they are were all the way in Krasnostav. "Holy shit Helios, I've never even been this far Northwest before. I've heard there are only cannibals up here!". Chad lied in fear of running into the people that forced fed him human flesh. Thinking of the aroma from the cooked flesh, and the taste of it. Chad started hyper salivating at the thought. Helios was looking at Chad straight in the eye as he was talking, but Chad was once again in his own world. (Inaudible) "H-l-o- -i-e- i- h-r-, d- you?". Snapping out of it "Yes I totally agree Helios. That's a great idea". Helios cocked his head to one side "My friend, Helios thinks you need sleep yes? We sleep after Helios and you go to the air strip ok?". Helios nods his head a few more times. Then they make their way to the ATC in the air strip. They split up to look for supplies faster. Chad was in the second floor of the ATC and Helios was by a camouflage building. Chad saw a man approach Helios from behind, sticking a gun in his back. "Oh fuck" he said to himself. Running down the stairs and going out the door. Chad advanced towards them with the cover of buildings, sea crates and burned out military vehicles. 


                           The robber put Helios inside of a car garage "Don't you dare fucking leave until you count to 90 you son of a bitch" the man said. Chad was on the side of the building. The robber came running towards Chads side of the building, his heart started to race. His adrenaline was pumping and he started to breathe heavy. Popping out from the corner of the building, Chad opened fire and didn't stop until the man's body dropped. Chad's eyes got big and he had a devilish grin on his face. He took out his knife with the intentions of cutting the mans body up. He knelt down beside the body, then shoved his knife into the right calf muscle. As soon as the knife entered, Helios opened the garage doors but Chad didn't hear it. He continued to cut the length of the calf, as if butchering a deer or any other animal. "This is it, I'm finally going to silence my demons" Chad thought to himself. Chad let out a chuckle of delight at the thought. Chad heard a footstep behind him "What the fu--" Chad grabbed his gun off the ground, opening fire as soon as he turned around. Helios fell to the ground dead. Chad couldn't believe what he just did. Getting up to check Helios's pulse, Chad screamed "FUCK!". "YOU DUMB MOTHER FUCKER! WHY DID YOU SNEAK UP ON ME! THIS IS YOUR FUCKING FAULT!". With tears in his eyes, Chad went through Helios's backpack. Finding a ammo box with 200 rounds of 5.56. Stuffing it into his own backpack, he got up and went to the robbers body. He finished cutting off the right calf, put it into a protective case and ran the edge of the airfield. "How could I do this. What's wrong with me? No....this isn't my fault. If the old man would have never snuck up on me, this wouldn't have happened. Throwing his gun down on the ground in rage, he sat down against a broken slab of wall. "Even someone I somewhat cared about, I had no problem killing him....its not my fault". With tears falling down his face, he realized what would make him happy. He smiled "I need to start cooking" he started laughing. "No one can hurt me, or save me...I'm my own worst enemy". Depression.jpg.dead5ad2f3fbf06bc4ce308eed0303bc.jpg

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