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Bart Oates

Bart's first journal - The Truth means Nothing

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First Journal entry - Early morning

The time has come. Most of my friends have finally met their end and I push onward into the world hoping to forge new bonds and alliances. I knew it was a mistake getting involved with the Sin Brothers from the very start but I was desperate. Desperate for a place to stay, comradery, and a general sense of security; I allied up with the Sin Brothers fully knowing and understanding the allegations of cannibalism and debauchery that was rumored to be center stage inside the Severograd school. You can imagine how happy I was when I found out that the cannibal rumors were manufactured and that the Sin Brothers and their cliche were actually Freedom Fighters. They unlike the rumors were NOT cannibals but the victim of circumstance and opportunism. My first night with them saw blood and death like I hadn't seen since the beginning of the outbreak. Motivated by lies and a false sense of virtue: murderous groups of men dressed in all black and colored armbands would show up night after night and slowly but surely the pride and resilience of the Sin Brothers wore as they slowly turned on each other in light of the severe accusations and daily attacks. 

We desperately fought to correct the wrongs doings onto us and also work to restore the truth; that the Sin Brothers and their allies are NOT cannibals but some of us weren't strong enough to weather the storm and ultimately abandoned the school and their family. The only remaining Sin Brother to my knowledge became an ally and friend and he even hoped to open a new restaurant one day where he could put his Iron Chef abilities to the test and give out free food to those in need. I haven't seen Connor in several nights and our new base has been ransacked and abandoned. I fear he was taken hostage and likely sold as a slave as that was almost my fate the night before I saw him last. The cities and streets are filthy with useless/godless men looking to sell anything they get their hands on worth value and I am motivated now more than ever to continue to fight against the wrong in this world. Until then Jack (I call him Hunter) and I continue on; Jack has become my most trusted friend. He's honorable, strong, and knows how to kill. Three things I learned go a long way when choosing who to align with. 

- Bart Oates

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I like this, very well written. Keep it up!


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