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Georgia Banks

Ben, where are you?

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*Georgia wakes up from a deep sleep. Her stomach sinks as she realizes Ben isn't in his bed...
She gets up and searches the small house they chose to rest in, 'how long was I out' she thought to herself.
Frantically patting through the covers searching for her radio, she finds it and presses the button*

"Ben, sweetheart, I don't know if you can hear me right now.. I need you to come home. I told you not to leave the house! I'm very worried about you Ben"

*She pauses, thoughts racing through her mind.. Where is he? Who is he with? Is he scared? .... She remembers him calling her a "helicopter mom" she smiles and presses the button again.*

"Ben, please reach out to me. Let me know that you're okay... It will be gloomy without you, that's what happens when the sunshine goes away"

*Stomach in knots, she tosses the radio onto the bed, anxiously awaiting a response*

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*a familiar voice goes through the radio, hanging off of Jacobs vest. Jacob reaches for it, pressing his PTT*

"Hello, ma'am. My name is Jacob. I hope you find this Ben fellow soon. I'll be on the lookout for you as well. We share a mutual friend. A friend that has passed on. Something i have been wanting to sit down with you about for a few weeks.

I'll be asking around about Ben for you. Jacob out.

*The PTT is released* 

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*Johnny would press down his PTT with a sigh as a familiar mans voice *

Ben this is Jonathan...

I didn't leave on such good feelings towards myself, but You need to find your mother. This world isn't safe for young kids like yourself. If there is something wrong with your family you can talk to me, but at the end of the day you have to go back to your mom. There isn't a lot I told you or anyone about myself but, I'm an Orphan as well and I feel like you are feeling alone or don't feel welcome I doubt it is true you are a smart kid. I hope you hear this and reach out buddy feel welcome to contact me buddy. 

*Johnny would say the frequency clearly*

Ill let you walk and talk with me for a short while....

I hope he comes back to you...

*You would hear European voices before Johnny saying "Goodnight" letting go of his PTT*


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*Georgia paces through the house, still no word from Ben. She picks up her radio and presses the button.*

"Jacob, Jonathan... thank you for reaching out.. thank you for looking for Ben."

*She pauses and her voice lightens*

"For anyone else who may be hearing this, I need to find my son."

*Georgia pictures Ben in her mind, smiling at the thought of his rosy little cheeks*

"Ben is 16 years old, he's roughly 5'6 tall and 140 lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes. Ben has a crescent moon tattoo on his right arm."

*Worried tears roll down Georgia's cheeks*

"Ben if you can hear me, I'm leaving this house now.. I'm coming to find you."

*She clips the radio to her belt, grabs a piece of paper from her journal to write her direction of travel in case Ben returns. She places the note on the table and leaves the house.*


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*The radio would buzz on his left hip*

*A female's voice would be heard. His eyes would widen. He'd swiftly reach for the radio and hold it up to his mouth. He began to say*

"Uhhh, Mom? I'm alright I guess I am just doing some things."

*Hed pause and wipe a tear running down his face*

"J-Just don't worry about me .... ok? I'll be fine."

*Hed put down the radio back on his belt*

*Hed begin walking again. Thoughts would run through his mind like a subway station.*

*Hed say to himself*

"Will I be okay?"

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*Georgia's heart nearly stops when she hears his voice*

*She fumbles with her gear to grab the radio off of her belt, the battery is low.. 'Fuck' she mutters..

She kneels down and swings her bag onto the ground in front of her, scrambling to find a battery*

*She finds one, pops it into the radio and presses the button*

"BEN! Sweet boy, I'm so happy to hear your voice."

*She pauses, relief rushing through her, her shoulders relax, tension diminishing.*

"Hey, I need you to tell me where you are okay? If you need some space Ben..."

*Her voice cracks, she swallows the lump in her throat and continues..*

"If you need some space Ben, that's okay. Dr. Red and I want what's best for you. You ask us not to worry Ben, but this is a dangerous place."

*She takes a deep breath, zips up her bag and gets on her feet*

"Ben your Uncles are missing you, and Grandpa Gunny hasn't eaten in days.. Just tell us how we can reach you... please."

*Georgia clips the radio onto her bag this time, she reaches for the button again.*

"I'm heading West Ben."


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*Hed hear the buzz of the radio again. Hed hear a females voice again*

*Hed hold up the radio to his mouth and say*

"Yeah, umm....listen I dont need space. I just need you guys to be okay."

*Hed pause and reach for the map. Hed open the map and let his right pointer finger glide across the map* 

*Hed pick is radio back up and began to say*

"Im in chernogorsk at the Del Toro's base"

*Hed pause and take a deep breath and say*

"Its South. Im at the coast. Tell that old bastard to eat his food and that I love him. Also I need you to get here so I can explain some things"

*Hed put the radio down and strap it back on his belt*

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A boyish individual lifts his head up and off of his backpack. The gear within rustles a bit from the rather crude usage of the utility as a pillow. As the male wakes up from the noise, he'd quickly open the pack and fumble through the materials inside.
"Uhh, can, can opener, more fucking cans. Dammit where's that fucking radio!"
After a bit of shuffling, he'd finally find the desired object; the radio. Without missing a beat, the teenager presses down on the radio's talk button.
"Hey hey, that Benjamin? Shiiieet, haven't spoken to you in a while bud, we oughtta' catch up. Either way, that's fuckin' irrelevant, Alex's been riding my ass... okay, not in the literal sense, but- dammit, you get what I mean! I've been having to do stuff with The Misfits but, y'know, maybe we'll be able to catch up a bit later. Who knows, maybe we'll find the guy who thought it'd be okay to jump both of us when we're out and about.
The radio transmission cuts out before abruptly coming back on.
"Also, Tom, if you're hearing this, I'd still really like to know why you thought it was a good idea to commit the aforementioned act."
After the last radio message, the frequency would go silent, obviously denoting the end of the kid's entire message. Following the end of the message, Jacob unzips his pack and then tosses the radio back inside, sealing the backpack and resting his head back onto it.

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*Noah, fresh from his sleep in Stary Sobor, begins to switch through channels on his radio until he finds signs of life. After overhearing the conversation he sighs, shaking his head, as he begins to roll a cigarette. He lights his cigarette, takes a drag, and lifts his radio to his mouth;*

"Why does every kid in South Zagoria seem to have parental issues? Is there something in the water?" 

*There's a brief chuckle, followed by a sharp inhale of air as Noah takes another drag on his cigarette before continuing;*

"If you guys are family, you should stick together, there's countless folk out there that haven't seen or heard from their family because we're all stuck in this shithole. Count yourselves lucky.

That being said, to whoever this Ben kid is, if you feel like you need to get away for a while and you're feeling ballsy, head up to Stary Sobor. There's a pretty sweet pub up here and good people to look after you for a while whilst whatever you're dealing with dies down. Come to the Two Kings and we'll talk, ask for Noah or Mikael."

*Another short pause and an inhale.*

"Stay safe you crazy kids! Oh, and don't forget to sign up to your local Trade Union today!"

*The transmission ends as Noah releases the PTT, leaning back into his chair as he continues to enjoy his time off.*

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*Sitting by the fire, exhausted from running through the night.. She unclips her radio from her belt and presses the button*

"Ben? Sweetie? I'm here.. I'm in Cherno. I'm going to lay down and wait out the rest of the night"

*She adjusts her sitting and leans up against the church door.*

"I'll see you in the morning Ben."

*You would hear a bell ringing in the distance.*

"Sleep tight my little Ben"

*She grunts as she lays down on the pavement, her age... or this lifestyle, is catching up to her*

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*Gun fire can be heard in the distance. Screams of agony, pain, and suffering*

*Someone approaches Ben. Its a dark silhouette. "Is it Mom? Is it Dad? No it cant be"*

*The thing reaches out to Ben. It grabs his shoulder*

*A slight tear rolls down Benjamin face*

*Finally Ben wakes up from the dream. His face is wet from tears*

*He asks himself*

"Was I crying?"

*Ben slowly gets up* 

*He speaks to himself exclaiming*

"I hope Mom made it back safely."

*He yawns while reaching his hands up to the sky*

*He puts his hands down and grabs his knife. He would put the knife up to his face and begin shaving. He would day dream about his future asking himself*

"Hmm.....I wonder if ill have a wife and maybe kids someday. Will I experience the joys of a father.... or one day go to college?"

"Hell whatever it is I just hope me and my family are happy and this is all over."


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*Georgia wakes up.. Gunfire can be heard far off in the distance. The sun warm on her cheeks, she pushes herself into a sitting position and reaches for her radio.*

"Ben, I'm here.. I'll meet you by the plane crash"

*She clips the radio back onto her belt, pushes herself to her feet, bending to brush the dirt off of her side.*

*She stomps out the embers of the fire and heads to find Ben.*

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*It was a long three nights. Uncle Chad nor Dr. Red had slept for a single moment. Using the fixed car to travel along all the main highways of South Zagoria, the concerned uncle and father searched incessantly — the whole time unknowing of how far Ben could have gotten and with no radio communication due to their distance away. By the final night — whether from impaired vision from the night, sleep deprivation, or from simply being stressed as all hell — they crashed. With Chad's broken hand stabilized and their low merits, the two found the nearest structure and took a long-needed rest. Despite their low merit by all efforts leading nowhere, Dr. Red was surprised to hear Georgia's voice over the radio, seemed that she was finally back in range.*

"Wake up, Chad. Listen, the radio, it's G. Evidently, she's back in range. Back up on your feet, soldier; we're heading to the plane crash."

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