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KOS Report.

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Server and location: s1.dayzrp.com:2300, NWAF

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Tuesday, november 19 10:35pm

Your in game name: Mike Maggilo

Names of allies involved: none

Name of suspect/s: they didnt say there names, maybe a luke

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A

Detailed description of the events: I was told to put my hands up and if i said anything they would kill me. they then said to drop my stuff and when i told them i couldnt with my hands up they shot me. 


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Connection Logs:

04:09:31 | Player "Mike Magglio" is connected
05:36:13 | Player "Mike Magglio" has been disconnected

02:45:33 | Player "Ivan Volkov" is connected
05:56:17 | Player "Ivan Volkov" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:

04:39:13 | Player "Mike Magglio" hit by Player "Ivan Volkov" with AKM from 2.03379 meters 

Kill Logs:

04:39:13 | Player "Mike Magglio" (DEAD) killed by Player "Ivan Volkov" with AKM from 1.85861 meters 

Chat Logs:

04:46:27 | Chat("Mike Magglio"): i need help from an admin
04:57:01 | Chat("Mike Magglio"): help
04:57:03 | Chat("Mike Magglio"): help
04:57:05 | Chat("Mike Magglio"): help
04:57:06 | Chat("Mike Magglio"): help
04:57:07 | Chat("Mike Magglio"): help

Calling in:

@LongHairDontCare | Mike Magglio | POSTED

@OxeN | Ivan Volkov | POSTED

For their FULL and DETAILED POV and any un-edited VIDEO EVIDENCE they have.

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Pov: me an @HDragon found this man on the airfield, we quickly realized he was not part of the trade union  so we initiated on him.

After the man was told to put his hands up he started becoming very cocky and told us we had no clue what we were doing and that we really dont want to do this insuitaing that he has an army behind him. 

I tell him that i dont care and that he should now drop his guns, backpack and radio. He responds with the same "you really dont want to do this" obviously not seeming to care a whole lot about the fact that a gun is aimed at him. 

I then tell him to drop his stuff and that if he says another word after this that he'll be shot, he then repeats himself again and gets shot for not valueing his life in the slighest and for being very cocky. 

I would like to point out that this man was not just robbed and told to shut up else he would die, his POV is certainly strange.

I have no video evidence, @HDragon can also explain his side since he was robbing this man with me.

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So I am roleplaying with @LongHairDontCare and @OxeN comes up and we initiate. Oxen tells him to drop his weapon, backpack, and radio. The man then says, "You really don't want to do this" in a very cocky way. Oxen then repeats what he says and is given the same response. He then starts rambling how we will regret this decision and that iswhen Oxen tells him to stop speaking until we have secured his radio. The guy continues to ramble on and that is when Oxen puts one in the man's head.

I'd also like to request a FULL POV from @LongHairDontCare if possible.

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The whole interaction was about 60 seconds long, after meeting with @HDragon and being friendly, @OxeN comes around the corner screaming " i am the crazy Russian" telling me to put my hands up, with my hands up i say" you really don't know what your doing" yes implying cockiness. with my hands up @oxen asked me to drop my radio, i tell "him its on the ground". while pointing his AK at my head he tells me to drop my sh*t and if i say another word i'm dead. I then reply with "I cant drop my things with my hands up dumb ass" he then proceeds to fire way more than one shot to my head. 

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Do you have any video evidence to bring into this report @LongHairDontCare @HDragon?

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@HDragon You state in you pov that you did not want @LongHairDontCare to speak until you had secured his radio, but in @LongHairDontCare he states he did drop his radio, is this true or false ?

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@Hofer I have no video evidence.

@Realize At the point were we didn't want him to speak he still had his hands up and had not dropped anything yet, even after being told to drop things multiple times.

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@HDragon is roleplaying with @LongHairDontCare when @OxeN approaches, initiating on LongHairDontCare with HDragon's assistance.  This is about as much as we know for certain, as POVs begin conflicting shortly after.  LongHairDontCare claims that he was shot after being told not to speak when he said that he can't drop items with his hands up, whereas the initiating party claims he was shot for repeatedly backchatting.  Without video evidence to justify either side's claims, we cannot rule conclusively.

In the future, we always recommend using some sort of recording software such as Shadowplay or Plays.tv to avoid situations like this.  That being said, @LongHairDontCare, we would like to remind you that repeatedly backtalking a captor can be seen as both grounds for execution and potentially NVFL.  Additionally, @OxeN and @HDragon, we'd like to issue a reminder to always prioritize roleplay over ruleplay.  Just because you may have rights to kill someone doesn't mean you should.  However, as we cannot confirm either side of the story, these are both generalized suggestions for the future, not declarations of guilt.

@OxeN | Invalid kill (roleplayed) | INCONCLUSIVE.  No action taken.

Signed by @Peril & @Saunders

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