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A Quiet Storm

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In Character


As Chad switched through radio channels searching for familiar voices, he began to become upset. All the people that told him they would be there for them, are no longer answering his transmissions. 

"Hello? Is anyone on this frequency? This is Chad. I repeat this is Chad....". Chad muttered to himself. "What the fuck man. What is going on?". As soon as he clipped his radio back onto his backpack strap, he got hit over the head and fell to the ground. 

"Look what we have here boys". A unfamiliar voice said with delight. "A poor bird that has strayed away from his flock". Chad's head was throbbing with pain. He grabbed the back of his head to feel a stream of blood. "Take his gun and search him for weapons you DICK HEADS! Get your thumb out of your asses now!". A swift kick to the side of Chad's head knocked him unconscious. The strangers grabbed and carried him to the inside of a church. As Chad began to regain consciousness he tried to reach for his gun but discovered his hands were tied with rope. "He's awake". A woman said. "Gooood, we can finally begin. Before we start do you have any requests?". Chad looked around to see if he could recognize anybody, but 4 out of the 5 people that were there all had masks on. Some had ski masks, others had surgery masks, but the person who seemed like the leader wasn't wearing one. "I think he should have our favorite snack". The woman squealed with laughter. As the man approached, Chad saw his face clearly now. The man had a scar from the top right of his forehead down to the left cheek bone, a dirty blonde mohawk with brown eyes.  Chad started to get nervous. 

"What do you want with me?" Chad said with a shaky voice. "We just want to have you try one of our favorite delicacies. That's all lonely bird".  The man smiled and he had skin from some sort of animal hanging from his teeth. "You knocked me out and took my stuff just so I could try your food?" Chad said with a angered tone. The man bent down and punched Chad in the face with the strength of an ox.  "OK, FUCK! I'll try your god damn food just give it to me so this can be over with". "I absolutely LOVE your enthusiasm" The masked woman said. One of the masked figures handed the leader a knife with a chunk of cooked meat on it. "Open your mouth lonely bird." The man said with a angry expression on his face.  "What is it?" Chad asked with hesitation. A pistol being cock pierced the air and was pushed violently onto the side of Chad's head. "QUIT FUCKING TALKING AND EAT THE FOOD OR YOU WONT MAKE IT OUT OF HERE ALIVE" The woman screamed at the top of her lungs. Chad was sweating bad at this point and started to think he was going to die. In his head Chad called out to a god he had never believed in saying "Please Lord. Dont let me die today. Let me make it out alive and I swear I'll do what I can to help people." Chad opened his mouth and took a bite of the "food". It had the texture of a medium rare steak. The woman began to laugh and pulled her surgery mask off. It was a beautiful brunette with hazel eyes. She nodded to the rest of the people, and they exited the church.  "You just ate a piece of your fellow man". Chad spit out the rest of the meat he hadn't swallowed. "HOW DARE YOU!" The woman yelled. Kicking Chad in the head, she knocked him out. When Chad came to, nobody was there. Neither was any of his gear. 

"Holy shit....that didn't taste half bad"......

Chad left the church, and walked down the side of a hill. Looking at the rising sun he smiled. In his head, he was at war with himself. Whether he should try to cook a fellow human being to see if he actually liked the taste, or if he was just that hungry in the first place. SunRise.jpg.4d4b37a7ae1c86ede7297d25a0b89ac3.jpg







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