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Baiting Appeal

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To start off with i am only appealing my points associated with my ban that were given due to 'Baiting' - which i never did.


Link to the source of punishment:

Why the verdict is not fair: I never baited anybody, nor in the outcome was it ever concluded that i was baiting, because i wasn't baiting, they were gonna initiate on me which is why my character went crazy. One of them literally said "alright i'm going to go set up while running to a position with a gun in his hand) - I never baited, my character was nice until that happened.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: In no way did i bait an initiation nor want them to initiate, why would i? I had no backup at all and i'd have to comply due to NVFL rules. No reason to bait. I was simply talking shit because they were gonna set up on me (or at least one of them).

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My ban for trolling stay, but the baiting part removed and points associated removed.

What could you have done better?: Not went crazy and spoke so much shit, it may have looked like baiting but it wasn't.


Please ask any questions and don't instantly deny this, because i can explain anything about the situation in detail and with pure honesty because i did not try bait and initiation. They never even initiated?

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Hello @JackZRP


A separate team of staff have reviewed the original verdict and have come to the conclusion to deny this appeal.

On review of the video footage, it is clear to the staff team that your actions were attempts to bait the other players into initiating on you.

Running around to each person in turn and yelling insults at them, making spitting sounds, then repeatedly going "What are you gonna do about it? What are you gonna do about it?" is about as blatant as baiting gets. You are provoking and goading the players with your insults, then trying to goad them into reacting to you with hostilities. Whether this was your intention or not, your actions were viewed by the staff team as clear attempts to bait a hostile response. 

Please note that the wording of the baiting rule was changed to further clarify what the rules intended purpose is.

It is also worth noting that your punishment was not aggravated for the baiting; you received full punishment of 7 days and 15 points for the trolling. 


With that said; Appeal Denied.

Signed: @Rover & @Roland

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