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S1 - Metagaming

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Server and location: Server 1

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Unsure.

Your in game name: Fae Williams

Names of allies involved: @KordrugaRP

Name of suspect/s: @Aron73

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):



(Skip to about 40mins in - this is when he starts talking about finding his own corpse with the redwood radio people)

Detailed description of the events: 

@KordrugaRP and I capture @Aron73's character "Mikael" and interrogate him. (At the time we found him he complained in OOC of meta?)

We torture him, Vlad shoots out his kneecaps for being a smartass, I pull his tooth out after (eventually...) getting permission OOC. We leave him in the woods. Later I see that he has randomly PK'd his character, unsure if he died due to the injuries we gave him or not. I am then informed by my friend @Malthis that @Aron73 has apparently made a new character that has found a letter on Mikael's corpse (somehow) that details Fae's involvement and what her and Vlad did, and given it to @PhoenyxxRP and @RiZ IC. I spoke to them privately to disregard this letter because it was clearly metagaming, and they agreed with me.

Now, I'm seeing this on the forums, where @Aron73 has given a letter to @andysuter, that he found on his own characters dead body. 

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Due to the nature of this report, logs aren't particularly relevant.


The below players are being called in for their points of view and any video evidence they may have.


@Fae - Fae Williams - OP

@KordrugaRP - Vladimir Visus - POSTED

@Aron73 - Daniel Karlsson - POSTED


@Aron73 Please explain, as you did to me in the private messages we had earlier today, your point of view regarding the transfer of knowledge between your deceased character Mikael and your current character Daniel, as well as what Fae addresses in her post.


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What OP says is completely true except this char Daniel is not that new matter fact I forgot I had him.
Now I was badly hurt and my char IC was delirious it happens after getting both your knees shot, so he chose to stay mainly because he could not move anywhere fast and this is how I thought happened after the events.
As he came to his senses, he starts to remember what happened and noted how badly hurt he was and apparently in the middle of the forest he, first of all, tried to move but for obvious reasons he could not. Now everyone that did know Mikael also knows he writes down everything because his memory is not the best. Now this time remembering he told Vlad he wishes to kill Hutch in a lie and what was told to him after that basically if he did not kill Hutch they would kill Phoenyxx who he told them he loved.
Now to make one thing clear Mikael would never harm his friends especially Hutch and Phoenyxx so after thinking about this he wrote 3 letters 1 to Phoenyxx and Hutch 1 to his friends at Redwood radio and one to Father Dave that he wanted to be read over the radio.
Now to be clear Wolfs killed Mikael, but in his hatred toward Vlad he blames him
Now I will move on to my new chars point of view

Ok So it started with my new char was out hunting and tracked some wolfs toward green mountain(GM). Now my new char Daniel is not a good hunter so basically he followed the hauling of the wolfs and about a kilometer from GM he almost stumbled over a corpse and since my new char is a police officer he investigated it and found 3 bundles of letters torn from what he believes was a book they were all named for certain people to receive Hutch/Phoenyxx, Redwood radio and one bundle specific to Father Dave. Now at the time, Daniel did not know who these people were but after a few days of searching and asking people, he did meet him more or less by luck found Hutch in Vybore.
After talking to Hutch and asking him about Redwood radio he got a location. Hutch told him he could find them at Altar but also told me it was a long time ago he did see them. Daniel did at the time not know the location of Altar so Hutch also gave him some instructions how to get there, they were pretty bad so I asked some other people I did meet in Stary sobor and one told me to follow the power lines until I did see some antennas after that I found them and delivered the letters but not the one for Father Dave at this time because I did not know he was there.
A few days later(Yesterday)I did meet Father Dave at Altar he introduced himself to me and I gave him the letters.
Now apart from the letter Father Dave did read on the radio I do not know IC'ly what the others say, but I'm going to continue to rp this and investigate what happened this is on request from the people of Redwood radio since it appears they were good friend with Mikael but apart from some suspicions we did not know for certain the corpse was Mikael until Father dave announced it on the radio today.



The reason Mikael died from the wolfs was because he did have no weapons exept a knife

Edited by Aron73

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1 minute ago, KordrugaRP said:

Not really too sure how to respond to this. What would you like me to post here? @Rover

Can you address and confirm the points @Fae mentioned you in her post, and the state you left Mikael in. As well, your stance on how you feel about what @Aron73 said happened regarding the letters from Mikael that Daniel now has. Anything else you feel relevant to bring up as well.

Thank you

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Everything that happened from Fae's point of view in terms of our roleplay with @Aron73 is correct. 

As far as I'm aware, interchanging character information is considered meta-gaming so I can't say I'm cool with the situation with the new character. I feel like there was role-play that could have developed from his situation with the lovely Fae and I but that was cut short with the Pking of his character. To try and continue that angle with a new character without repercussions is pretty cheap

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Unsure how you died to wolves ... since we took you from VMC and took you into the woods above Kabanino, where there are no wolf spawns? 🤔


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I do need to point out to @KordrugaRP That my new char don't dislike you and nor do I OOC matter fact I think your a great roleplayer and I did enjoy rp with you even the hostile parts but think of this IC'ly you shot both my knees and left me in the middle of the woods with a knife to defend my self with, IC'ly I would not survive that and yes I know in the end it's my choice to PK but so far I PK'd two chars and both of them made sense because of the situation at hand.


@Fae Well it was a dessision on the fly I did not actualy die from wolfs but I did RP it as sutch. Wait a second I'm prety sure thats not the area thats Stary sobor and I know I did see Green mountein tower

Edited by Aron73

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6 minutes ago, Aron73 said:

Wait a second I'm prety sure thats not the area thats Stary sobor and I know I did see Green mountein tower

That is 100% the area we took you to, since we found you at VMC where you accused us of metagaming in OOC chat.

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I did suspect it yes but @KordrugaRPdid come up with a good explonation in my stream chat and I did not know at that time you helpt him find me

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@Aron73 - Metagaming - GUILTY


In the Twitch clip seen above, as well as the radio message from @andysuter it is clear to us that you've transferred IC information from your late character, Mikael Hansson. You've added a plausible reason on how you received this information on your new character, Daniel Karlsson. You claim that Daniel found a letter from Mikael, which contains information that directly harms @Fae and @KordrugaRP's characters.

While, as we stated, the way your new character got this information is technically possible, this is still blatantly metagaming. You are not allowed under any circumstances to transfer information between your characters. The only way your new character could know about the events is if he witnessing the events or someone physically telling your new character how the events went down.

The rule you have broken is the following:


3.5 Metagaming is transferring information between Out of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC), despite there being no realistic way of characters or players gaining this information. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Your character knowing someones name because you saw it in the game chat or met them before on a different character
  • Using player live streams to find out where people are in game or gaining other information that is found in the stream
  • Using forum OOC content like media threads to gain information about groups or bases
  • Sharing or gaining information through OOC communications when not permitted as per rule 3.6 below

In the future please keep information exclusive to one character unless it is being shared by others IC.


@Aron73 - Metagaming - 3 DAY BAN, 10 WARNING POINTS

Signed @Hofer & @Rover

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