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Friendly voice from Zelenogorsk

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*The old man sits at his apartment desk and smokes a cigarette as he fiddles with the radio transmitter. He clicks the PPT and begins to speak*

Good day everyone! A friendly voice from zelenogorsk on the air! Now the land is very hostile and a friendly voice is hard to come by so I thought I open one out onto the radio. For those who want to talk or maybe need help I can try by best.

If you have anything to say please do, I can bounce my radio off of green mountain pretty well.

Good luck survivors.

*He clicks the ppt off and puffs his cigarette as we waits to hear a response*

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*Anatoly lays with his book at the campsite he made his home for the night. He clicks the PTT after hearing the old man speak.*


"Dobry den friendly voice of Zelenogorsk. I'd just like to wish you a good day is all. Hope you stay alive and healthy." 

*Anatoly clicks off the PTT and goes back to reading his book.*

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