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Robert Joseph

Beginning of an adventure !

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I decided to make a post about my experience joining the server for the first time, feel free to post stories of your own experience joining the server I would enjoy hearing what everyone's first week/day is like!

Joining the server for the first time with my hopes set high, I was spawned in the north of Severograd and started scavenging for supplies for my long trip towards the coast where I hoped to find more survivors to interact with. After finding some gear and a rifle to defend myself I headed towards the northwest airfield to get ammunition, arriving to the airfield was quiet at first I searched the tents and barracks for ammunition and maybe some other gear I could use. Finding a vest, ammunition and some clothes I decided to start the long trip to Chernogorsk but just as I was leaving i spotted another survivor walking around. I followed the mysterious man in silence for a good 10 minutes trying to decide if he was hostile or not, after watching him closely it felt like he was looking for something or someone so I made my presence known. Walking up behind him I said "Hey bro don't get scared I noticed you walking around as if you had lost something," immediately he spun around pointing his gun in my direction yelling "Put your hands up!" I did as he said. He then asked me what I was doing creeping up on someone in such a hostile environment, I told him I had no bad intentions and simply wanted to see if he needed any help. He lowered his gun and told me to follow him into the bushes where we can talk without there being any risk of being spotted, ( at this point I was excited to have my first interaction be so intense) he asked my name and I asked his, after exchanging names he asked me if I had come in contact with anybody else around this area. To his surprise I said he was the first person I had come in contact with since 2 weeks after the outbreak, ( now i think he had relized that I was new to the server but we never went out of character) he told me that the world had changed and many people wouldn't have been as nice as him when we first met, he told me to be careful when we part ways as there were many people who would try to rob or even kidnap me. After about 10 minutes of talking to him he gave me radio frequency to contact him in a half hour to see if one of us needed help, we parted ways and i continued my journey towards the coast.


Thank you for reading! if you'd like to hear more about my new player experience as I continue to play let me know 🙂 I look forward to hearing other peoples experience joining the server for the first time.

on another note if I have misspelled anything or made any mistakes in my writing please let me know, I suffer from dyslexia and put a lot of time writing this short story so any feedback or help is much appreciated.  

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This sounds very similar to my first interaction too, Good read. I suggest finding a group to join as its much easier to make situations like that in your favor. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your experience on the server 😁

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