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S1 - Kos - Coast line of Prison Island

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Server and location: S1 In between komarovo  and Kamenka. 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 01:40 ish 

Your in game name: Blake Johnson

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: Potius Cras

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None.

Detailed description of the events: So I was down at the coast driving in my whip having a great time. My game crashes and I got teleported to Cherno. I decided to run towards Balota airfield and continue the way up north again. After running for a while I hear a bunch of gunshots coming from prison Island. I keep running at the coast when all of a sudden I see a guy wearing a pink armband or something. He decides to go full out military and say something in the lines of "unknown number coming towards" He comes out of a bush, I have my gun out, he sees me, I see him, I then stop and attempts to say": Hello fellow survivor" But before I could even form a sentence this "military" man decides to spray me down. 

I think this is just another case of someone not understanding the rules or just can't handle the adrenaline rush he's getting during a fight. Anyways, thx and Merry Christmas. 

Edited by Blake

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Hey that was me, your guys didn't kill our two guys on the Island 15 minutes before hand?  If not you have my apologies and I am guilty of KOS.  If you are part of their official group I had defender rights against you and likely the man with you who had just shot me moments before up at the light house.  You have my apologies if I am mistaken in all this.

Want to talk in discord?

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Connection Logs:

01:13:44 | Player "Blake Johnson" is connected

01:47:27 | Player "Garry Jackson" is connected
02:03:18 | Player "Garry Jackson" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:

01:45:54 | Player "Blake Johnson" hit by Player "Garry Jackson" with AK-74 from 9.48332 meters 
01:45:56 | Player "Blake Johnson" hit by Player "Garry Jackson" with AK-74 from 8.37841 meters 
01:45:57 | Player "Blake Johnson" hit by Player "Garry Jackson" with AK-74 from 9.95242 meters 

Kill Logs:

01:45:56 | Player "Blake Johnson" (DEAD) killed by Player "Garry Jackson" with AK-74 from 8.13557 meters 

Calling in:

@Blake | Blake Johnson | POSTED

@GaryCash | Garry Jackson | 

For their FULL and DETAILED POV and any un-edited VIDEO EVIDENCE they have.

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Not one for posting reports I was just heated. Talked to Gary and it was an honest mistake. Gonna follow my own rule, "Never report" Feel free to close this Friend @Saunders.

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After discussing this with the team we are more than happy to see you guys talk it out and come to the conclusion to close the report. However, although a mistake you need to be more careful in identifying your targets before choosing to open fire on them, otherwise you can find yourselves in situations like this and next time you may not be so lucky with having another community member be so understanding and requesting that the report be closed.

With that said, the report will be closed but please take our advice on board to avoid future instances like this @GaryCash.

Signed by @Saunders + @Peril

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