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Hector notes and thoughts

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       Its a cold morning...Hector sits on the docks near his compound and enjoys the quite and the beauty of the fog on the water. Once again he pulls out his journal and begans to write.

"This morning as I wake and sit up, I look over my shoulder and see her scar on her belly from the gun shot and the surgery. I know it's hard to feel what she feels, but she hold her self so well, she seems so ok but I know she is in a hard place. The way she hugs me tight and doesn't let go."

"With everything we that goes on with the business, she hasn't left my side, I still I wonder why she didn't say anything to me about the child...I haven't questioned her, I figured I would give her time, as long as she doesn't kill me first. Hector gives out a laugh

"As these people began to grow in the compound it's becoming more clear what my fathers would keep telling me "el padre de su familia protege el hogar que se le da, la familia del padre lo protege a él mientras les da todo" meaning the father of his family protects the home that is given, the family of the father protects him as he gives them everything. i understand now what it means, this familia, is something I need...my purpose with blood if necessary."


Figure out the wiring for the lights for the compound

Talk to Pancho about Terminator

Finalize the meet for the guns and white hand

Remember to sit down and talk to Kat

Meet with this mystery group that wants to have a sit-down also

Plan and take that vacation

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