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So this is how it ends?

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Day 860

I f*cked up!! How can you be so foolish and commit a rookie mistake when we've come this far? I got too greedy, grasped for more than I could handle. What's that saying, "Grasp all, lose all"?

They were everywhere. I could barely see. Fired off a salvo in the direction of the noise. Heard thuds so a few must-have went down. Their growls were intensifying. They were catching up on me. I could feel their hands grabbing at my bag. Exhausted, surrounded. 

I emptied the mag and started swinging, I could feel the machete delve deep into the soft, rotten tissue...


Day 861

Survived. Clothes are trashed, weapons empty. I started making my way up north. My thirst grew extreme, insatiable. I fell to my knees, threw up. 

No... is this how it's going to end? Am I infected? Am I about to become, one of them...?


Day 862

Hospital. I need medical supplies. Anything that can stop this, maybe it's just a bacteria!

A map... where am I? Topolniki. The nearest town with a hospital is just nearby. 

Trudged over there, the utmost thirst was unbearable! The more I drank, the more I threw up. 

So weak. 


Searching for all my life is worth..! The dead outside thirst for my flesh. I know they can smell me. I am about to die and they are about to feast... 

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Sad but good short story

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