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Transmission from The Corporation

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"It saddens me to see the unnecessary bloodshed on the Prison Island. As discussed before my organization doesn't deal with or contend with feral dogs known as Wolf Pack. Their fruitless attack on the stronghold, showed just the exact ideological nature of our organization. We have no desire to interfere with the groups and other organizations in this vile country. My organization isolated ourselves from the people of Chernarus, and yet you people continue to meddle with ideas and subject you simply cannot comprehend. In regards to the attempted capture of my medical assistant, which is understandable since you now associate yourselves with slavers. We detest any type of slavery, for shame. For our victory, I commend my men for pushing back the opposition of the Wolf Pack or as we shall now refer to you as The Sheep in Wolf clothing. To the subject of this force, Sheep Men, being a threat to the communities of Chernarus, rejoice as it seems they are only interested in irritating our business here, not to the banditry they had once been know for. Lastly, a statement to the rest of Chernarus, please stay away. We will not interfere with your business if you do not interfere with ours. This is the last warning to all. 

Auf Wiedersehen"

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*The old man fiddles with his radio transceiver, bouncing the signal off of green mountain he picks up the broadcast. He takes the hand Mike and responds*

it ironic that you want us to leave you been buf Auf wiedersehen can translate into "until we meet again."

Linguists aside, I do have some questions for your corporation. Your actions go against what you say a little bit because your men have interfered with one of mine and it lead to his disappearance.

Back at the beginning of the month on of your men under the name Agent White ran into a specialist jack Morgan and asked for his blood. He was respectful and give it with no issues. I know this because he kept his radio on and reported it to me. After about half an hour, Mr Morgan was sick trying to find water. 3 more of your men west of chernogorsk held him at gun point, made him drop his weapons, took his AKS-74u and stuffed him in a small shed to talk his blood only for one of them to say "his blood is already in our data." He had to wait to get his other gun back and by that time the poor lad passed out from dehydration falling into the ocean. The tide carried him to deerilse and I lost comes with him shortly after.

For the sake of my missing soldier and friend i request some answers to why this was done. I dont want his gear repaid, i dont want you to try and find him, even if you could. I just want answers in person and a 21 gun salute to honor him.

I hope we can be peaceful about this. I will be on the airways if you need to contact me.

Good day

*the old man releases the hand mic*

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