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Hector notes and thoughts

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   Hector pulls out his journal and pen and starts to write again while sitting on the roof overlooking the compound

"You know it's amazing to sit here so quite and watch the sun rise each morning, too much shit has happened in the last few days. A death of an unborn child, some new business, and a visit from someone I thought I could have let go."

"Well let's start with the child....well it happen so fast, an accidental shot from a gun sent women ive been with, in a spot with a hole in her stomach, a best friend terrified that I might kill him for what he did....I don't know how to feel...didn't really know she was pregnant until she was shot....why would she keep this from me?....but thank got for Doctor Red for coming to my peoples aid. I might have lost Kat if he hadn't been there. As for my friend, brother... I understand it was an accident and the MC means a lot to me...we will have to sit down and talk about this.

"So some of the new business is good, mono blanca/white hand is been sent out more and more everyday, the guns are going good and Pancho seems to have a handle of the mota and the compound. People seem to contact me more and more everyday looking for something else. I will continue to do what I can to provide for the familia."

"Now for my visit....it was nice to see her again..nice to catch up on what I have missed...I know her coming to see me wasn't the only reason..but it made me feel good she came. I stood there in the compound and trying not to show her I was angry and about some of the things that were being said, but she always has a way with words that I can not say no to... A vacation is what I need." 

"With all the drama and death that comes with the regular life style of now a days...I wonder and think about what she said, how long do I think it will last......well as long as my breath will take me and as long as my familia stands together. My name is Hector Enrique Del Toro and I thought I could start over but this is who I am....Cartel, drug lord, father to his familia.... 

Notes -

Think about cleaning out the warehouse up north

Still need to find more ink

Have a sit down with Jax

Give Carnage his initiation

Look for another cook

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