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Transmission from Zelenogorsk to Cavaliers

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*The old man in his apartmant sits listening to radio chatter and looking at a large list. He clicks the PPT of his radio, his American Voice broadcasting clearly*

Hello! This is Colonel Eric Michael attempting to contact the group known as the Cavaliers. One of my men, a Mr Jack Morgan ran into some of your men on Deerilse before the evacuation and gave a report. From what I hear you gents are some good men. I would like to make formal and personal contact if possible. I operate near green mountain or zelenogorsk. Stay well and I hope to talk more soon.

*He clicks the ppt off and waits while smoking an old cigarette*

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*Ashford finds himself hailed over by his radio operator for the second time that day. Taking possession of the proffered microphone, he stretches out the coiled, snake-like cord that attaches it to the transceiver and speaks into its cold, metal grate of a face.*

"Ahoy, hoy. Lord-Captain Ashford speaking. Oh right, yes I recall a Mr Morgan, lovely chap. I'm currently overseeing a bit of restoration work"

*The sounds of heavy hammering and sawing fill the airwaves as if to illustrate his point.*

"But I'd be delighted to meet you and your cohort tomorrow, Colonel; at your earliest convenience of course."

*Offer extended, he flicks off the transmit switch and listens patiently for a response.*

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*The colonel clicks the PPT, gunshots on the edge of town are heard, as if a massive gun fight is happening*

Roger that Mr. Ashford, sadly Mr. Morgan is MIA currently but I have a few more chaps that run around, some of them British military. I will contact you tomorrow

*The old man releases the PPT as more gunfire breaks out*

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*Depresses the PTT.*

"Good sir, I wish to inform you that we have arrived, we await your hospitality."

*Releases the PTT.*

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*The old man sits in the woods, he presses his PPT* Sir Ashford this is Colonel Michael. A supply mission to a northern military base has...taken longer than expected and I was not able to return to Zelenogorsk. I apologys greatly and ask that you set the next meeting time so to limit further inconveniences.

I hope to be able to meet soon.

*The old man releases his PPT as his migrains return*

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