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Official Storozh Lore?

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Before I ask my question I want to state that the lore I require is during the period of the September crisis (2009) and afterwards.
I require this lore as I want to base a corner stone of my characters background on it. (Pro Russian / Pro Chernarussian  / neutral)

Main Q: Is there any official lore on Storozh?
 - Sub Q1: Did the Sepember crisis affect Storozh in any way? Think off attacks, prisoner transfers / -releases / -escapes.
 - Sub Q2: Would there be any other prison similar to Storozh which disallowed visits and communication with prisoners?

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@StagsviewRB @Craig help this nice fella out wont yaa 🙂

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I'm trying to get quite indepth with my character as I require it for the backstory of my characters father and his involvment during the Solnichniy riot.
He's apprehended after the riots, and it's a little unclear to me when the WMDA is revealed to be a pro-russian seperatist organisation.
So right now I have my characters father locked up in Storozh for being involved with a russian sepperatist group.
I just want it to fit the official lore as much as possible. 

Feel free to give me any other lore inconsistencies if you have time but that's like only if you have extra time haha

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Leaving this here for other people with the same question maybe.



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