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*The old man sits at a desk going over notes, old and new, some bloody. He takes the radio and presses the PPT*

Good Morning Zelenogorsk and Chernarus! Well hopefully most of Chernarus can here this...

Anywho, many of you might have heard me before and know we are doing our best to help those around us, today I have a report some of you might find interesting.

As you all know there as weird toxic zones and weather for a good while that stopped about a week? Maybe 2 weeks ago. Well myself and my men have been doing some research on it. While this is no final report on the issue but it's what we have.

*the old man clears his throat as he shuffles some papers*

The Toxic Cloud is a unique combination of radioactive and chemical pollutants, most likely a mix between chemical weapon usage mixing with radioactive fallout. The pollutants evaporate with the water and form in the clouds and travel with the local weather patterns. With the recent clearing most likely a different weather front has pushed the toxic vapors north into russia or south into the black sea. While the possibility of it returning remains, we should be clear for awhile. Just in case, purify water and maintain at least a clean gas mask. NBC gear can be optionally kept. If anyone has more research available feel free to inform the world.

Good luck survivors.

*The old man lights a cigarette before letting the PPT go*

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*A voice takes the radio*

"Hey uhhhh, I think its fine up there. We went up and nothing happened to us. Even without a Gas Mask! Watch out for the wolfs though."

*You would hear another voice in the background, much quieter.*

"...and Anarchy too! They're right up there with the Wo...."

*The main voice quickly takes over*

"Shut up! I'm trying to... *Sigh* Whatever.... Don't go alone. There are many bandits in the area. Bring a friend if you can."

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*Dan picks up the radio*

It's seems to have gone up there. but be sure to bring a gas mask just in case.

Also check for the filter on the soviet ones, you dont want to breath in the asbestos thats in them.


*Dan puts down the radio*

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