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CCC to Green Mountain Charity (Open)


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  • Diamond

Jack hits his PTT and speaks into a few frequencies over a couple of minutes,

"Hey mates, this is Jack with the Chernarus Chess Club, formally known as the Black Bishop. Me and a bunch of other fellas met up trying to see you in your camp, originally I was just dropping off some supplies to say thanks, but eh, now I think I needs a doctor when they're available.  If any of you all hear this, just let me know on this frequency when you're around. Thanks again to the fella who took care of my mates fucked up face earlier."


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  • Emerald

*Holds PTT*

"Oi oi, another chess representative heyah, formally known as the black... bicep or sum shit. Just wanted to add in i dropped some gear off in the spot by the fence. Enjoy"

*Releases PTT*

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