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Killed When not giving the chance to comply

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If you skip the video to 30:20

Server and location: S1 & Zelenogorsk

Approximate time and date of the incident (21:00GMT): 

Your in game name: Frank Kenny,

Names of allies involved: Kaid Rokh, Peter Larson, John, Rudy Johnson

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (

Detailed description of the events: My friends and I were in our compound and I noticed a person climbing up the wall and I believe this was the group using each other to climb up the wall as there was nothing behind it. We tell them to stop climbing the wall and they said okay and then continued. I then heard a bunch of people run around and then shouted the following "People in the compound put your hands up or you will be shot and I was not given any time to do anything.  


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Connection Logs:

20:05:03 | Player "Frank Kenny" is connected
20:46:54 | Player "Frank Kenny" has been disconnected

20:02:22 | Player "Eddie Morrison" is connected
20:56:12 | Player "Eddie Morrison" has been disconnected
21:01:16 | Player "Eddie Morrison" is connected
21:42:13 | Player "Eddie Morrison" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:

20:46:24 | Player "Frank Kenny" hit by Player "Eddie Morrison" with AKM from 13.1449 meters 

Kill Logs:

20:46:24 | Player "Frank Kenny" (DEAD) killed by Player "Eddie Morrison" with AKM from 13.1449 meters 

Calling in:

@StreamsWithFrank | Frank Kenny | POSTED

@Wendigo | Eddie Morrison | POSTED

For their FULL and DETAILED POV and any un-edited VIDEO EVIDENCE they have.

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POV: AIght so me and the boys pull up to Zeleno base. While one or two of us start talking to them at the front, another couple of us start looking for a way to get in. We found a ledge on the double red house to be a decent spot. After a few tries and a few times of the base habitants telling us to leave, I was finally able to get on the ledge and get a dank view of the base and a small cubby where I saw two of the occupants go. Since we had the high ground like Obi -Wan Kenobi, Dew initiated. Saw the OP start walking out of the cubby hole with his gun out so I yeeted him into oblivion. 


The OP had gone around the corner and had his gun out, at the very least it was obvious to all at 31:25 that the compound was being initiated on. At this stage the OP is standing still. Instead of remaining still and trying to comply, he walks further back into cover and keeps his weapon out even when it is clear what has just happened. Even when the entire sentence is finished, he doesn't stay still nor put his gun away, he walks out armed and non-complying, thinking he is safe behind the 20ft walls and pays the price. If he wanted to comply he had ample opportunity and could have stood still and/or put his weapon away/on the ground or at the very least put 1 hand up, but he didn't, he took a risk thinking it was safe and got himself killed as a non-complier.

metagaming: I would also like to add that it is extremely clear that the OP and his group have spent a considerable amount of time metagaming. Here are some examples: 17:12 OP starts communicating with the rest of the group conveying IC info through OOC means and was not double micing 17:37 - he admits that he is going to go check other footage he has to see if it is the same person, again using an OOC recording to try and verify IG information 17:42 - another of the group starts in on the OOC chat not double micing and they discuss IG info in OOC comms 18:01 - another member joins in the OOC chat to say wait there and they are going to message someone to find out (about Big John), again using OOC info to find out IG info 18:05 -yet another member says they just messaged someone (can't quite work out the name) again looking for IC info through OOC means. 18:13 -you hear the OP watching footage of a previous encounter in order to see if "Big John" is the same person - using OOC info for IC means 18:34 - another group member asking in OOC comms about whether Big Jon should be let inside, this is IC info 18:38 - OP say to wait until he can confirm (through his video recording) whether it is the same person - again this is IC info which is not said IG and is using OOC sources of info to find out IC info. 20:03 on of the OP's group is asking in OOC comms about whether they have confirmation 20:05 - the person from the OP's group who had messaged someone else using OOC means is talking in OOC comms about the OP(assuming its the same "Frankis) maybe knowing that it was Big John that raided them previously 20:23 OP continues to ask about IG happenings using OOC comms 20:34 - multiple of the OP's group are talking about someone trying to jump a wall, all said in OOC comms and not IG even though it is talking about something happening IG(edited)

21:02 - OP's group is asking and confirming in OOC comms whether they should be getting ready for a raid (not said IG) 21:17 - OP is still trying to find footage 21:23 one of the OP's group who is in the base starts talking about bringing down nails to finish walls to hopefully complete 21:33 - OPs group talking only in OOC comms about us wanting to trade nails 27:23 - OP is again metagaming, talking about IG events but not double micing 27:37 - OP and OP's group members continue talking about OOC info to do with IG events (having met big john) but are not double micing 28:03 - OP's group are discussing their actions IG with regards to a wall but are not double micing 28:22 - OP's group are talking about having a jugg suit and one of the OP's group members are telling him to stay hidden - this is IG info being conveyed only through OOC means. The group members then discuss IG things like their holes in security using only OOC comms. As you can see at about 31:33 our group was still around. 29:18 - The OP and his group members are having a discussion about their base and what they are going to do but only in OOC comms and not double micing. All this is IG info. 30:44 - the OP starts asking in OOC comms only how the person outside has jumped on the roof and starts conveying IC info to his group solely through OOC means. This should have been double miced. I also notice that the audio from the video he was watching also shows him metagaming at a previous encounter as a hostage.

Avoiding RP: It is also clear that the OP has prioritised metagming over roleplay and has avoided RP. When the OP is unclear about "bifg John" he runs off into a corner and instead of RPing with anyone, goes over his previous video, trying to metagame instead of actually Rping with anyone at all which includes both the group inside the wall, and those outside the wall.

@Saunders will you deal with all this in this report or should I and those involved in this and/or the hostage encounter put up multiple separate reports now that we have clear evidence of rulebreaks from the OP and what appears to be his entire group?

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Okay so the situation about big john, because I was alive for that whole situation I was checking my notes to confirm that it was him as my character was alive for that whole situation and I wasn't in any RP situation to make it meta gaming. I had also told the group that were killed what happened after there deaths so they too know all the information needed. I also walked off as He was RPing with another and had nothing else to say to him and didn't go to check my notes right away as seen in the footage.

The following statement I have made here is also proven to be a rule break.

20:02:22 | Player "Eddie Morrison" is connected

20:46:24 | Player "Frank Kenny" (DEAD) killed by Player "Eddie Morrison" with AKM from 13.1449 meters

20:56:12 | Player "Eddie Morrison" has been disconnected

Combat logging is leaving the server during or shortly after a hostile situation or when your character is still involved in active role play. After a hostile action has occurred where you were involved, you may only log out from the game after a minimum of 30 minutes have passed since you broke the line of sight with others involved in that situation. This rule can be ignored if the other players give you OK to log out earlier.

2.3 Be a good sport. Do not focus on PvP aspect of the game and attack everything that moves just because you can or are good at it. Remember that not many players will enjoy being constantly attacked, therefore you should not dominate other groups or players into submission to a point where they can no longer accomplish their regular role play or enjoy the game.

also I feel as if yous aren't taking the report serious enough when you say "Since we had the high ground like Obi -Wan Kenobi, Dew initiated. Saw the OP start walking out of the cubby hole with his gun out so I yeeted him into oblivion" when I didn't even get a chance to comply and If I had the chance the hands up animation still takes a couple of seconds to do so again I feel it was to quick. I also feel when you were getting yourself ready it is only when you are all in position you start to tell us to put our hands up there there was no communication ingame to let anyone know you were all ready to start initiation on us, This leads me to believe there was meta gaming on your end too and not just my end.  

I would also wish to see footage from your end as it would make everything easier & to add I did clearly meta gamed and I really didn't mean to but regardless I still did and have to pay that price. I have no issue there. ?

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As to the combat logging, my game crashed when I pushed into the pub. I waited in a 5 minute-ish que maybe to get back in. That's why there's a 5 minute difference from me crashing and getting back on. 

I have no video evidence. 

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@StreamsWithFrank and company are inside of their base when they hear people trying to vault their walls.  They instruct them to stop, to no avail, and are then initiated on by the raiding party, who demands the people in the compound put their hands up.  Upon hearing this, StreamsWithFrank begins walking out of cover with his weapon drawn, leading to @Wendigo shooting and killing him.  Throughout the entirety of this situation, StreamsWithFrank can be heard transmitting IC information over a third party communication service without also transmitting his voice in game.


  • @StreamsWithFrank, the video clip you provided shows you blatantly metagaming several times, which you have also confessed to, such as when you told your friend in the brown pants not to initiate or called out the presence of more hostiles approaching.  When transmitting in-character information like this over a third party platform like Discord, you must also transmit it over in-game VoIP.  Given that you failed to meet this requirement, posed by rule 3.6, you will be punished for metagaming.
  • After careful deliberation, the staff team has deemed @Wendigo's kill on @StreamsWithFrank valid.  While StreamsWithFrank claims he did not have enough time to comply with the initiation, the video he provided shows StreamsWithFrank exiting cover with a weapon still in his hands in the seconds immediately following the initiation.  @StreamsWithFrank, in this span of time, you could have expressed compliance verbally or began the process of putting your weapon away and complying, but you did not.  Instead, you presented yourself as non-compliant by exiting cover whilst armed, making Wendigo's kill valid.



3.6 Using OOC communications like Discord, TeamSpeak or others to transmit or receive information related to in game situations is only allowed when you have a personal radio item in your inventory. As soon as your character loses the ability to speak or use the radio - for example has died, is unconscious, has been gagged, is surrendering (F1 or F2 animation), is handcuffed or had your radio item or clothing containing it removed from your inventory - you may not receive or transmit any in game information through OOC communications. While in presence of other players all such communication should also be transmitted in game using "double mic" mechanic. This means transmitting both through in game VOIP and external software simultaneously.


@StreamsWithFrank, when you are initiated on and want to comply, you must begin doing so as soon as physically possible.  In this situation, the second you heard the initiation should be the second you stow your weapon and comply, should that be what you wanted to do.  Walking around with a gun out shows noncompliance, especially when you had enough time to begin the process of complying with their demands.  Additionally, when you are transmitting in-character information over a third party platform in the presence of others, you must always double mic and transmit the same audio over in-game VoIP.  We strongly recommend you get into this habit immediately.

@Wendigo | Invalid kill (roleplayed) | NOT GUILTY.  No action taken.
@StreamsWithFrank | Metagaming | GUILTY.  3 day ban, 10 warning points.

Signed by @Peril & @Rover

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