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Dear Zelenogorsk

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*Sitting with his crew next to a campfire, Ronnie steps to the side and grabs his radio. He smirks and licks his peeling, gristled lips before pressing down on the PTT, booming his Cockney Accent down the airwaves.*

"Dear people'o Zelenogorsk. This is your friend Ronnie speakin'."

*He pauses for a moment*

"You might have discovered a hole in the side of your compound. Apologies; bu' this was me and my men... You see, I don't appreciate being lied to.  A couple'o your 'Leaders' Kade and Dareth accepted our request tha' you follow the credit scheme. Tha' you follow the procedure. However, I am la'er informed by my men that you... Declined the procedure? Tha' you thought it was.. stupid and on top of it all; you disrespected my men."

*Ronnie snorts, spitting on the soil before him*

"If you try to profit usin' your own techniques - You will find tha' you will never have anythin' valuable to profit from. We will come again and take your valuables over and over until you get t'message that you will contribute to this new economy."

*The Old Man looks over towards his comrades, they return eye contact momentarily before he finishes his statement*

"...You benefit our way, or else you don't benefit at all."

"Hail to the Network. Hail to the Mob."

*The radio returns to static*

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*Izak would raise his radio in response to the sound of a familiar voice*

"Dobry Den! The boss man speaks true. Follow the rules and no harm will come. Simple as that. It's not hard to ask for you to follow our system"

*Pausing for a moment he would rack his AK*

"Just listen to reason, and you don't have problems"
"Actions do have consequences... as do our own, but we are willing to live with that"

*Izak would shoot his radio in kind response as to let the world know he will not be talking further*

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*Treasurer of Bones picks up hus radio*

Shalom people of Zelenegorsk. IF you need protection from low grade bandits i have a real deal for you. Join the trade union. One can of food a month and we give you rights. Add one more can and we trow in insurance. You lose your shit? Boom, we pay you what you lost in the small time of five bankdays. What a deal!! Get back to us.

*He puts the radio down*

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*Zac Grayson presses the PTT*

"Yooooo, whats poppin people of South Zagoria. Yet again socialism has fucked us, god damn unions. The latest installment is the fucking Clown Union bragging about fucking up poor traders. If you want a safe place to practice your favorite trade, business or hobby, feel free to stop by Stary! We'll make sure you are nice and sorted, and prevent the Clown union from stopping by and conducting their "funny business'. God I am so creative. Well, anyways, remember that The Time will protect you in Stary, unless you're an asshole, then well probably make you a slave. But hey, the risk is up to you. Slavers, or the Clown Union. "

*Zac laughs before releasing the PTT*

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