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King's 1st Zagorian Regiment arrival

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*Your radio crackles to life, shrouded in static*

*You hear a British sounding man whisper under his voice*: "is this thing even working... of course they had to give us all the shit, outdated equipment... well anyway"

*he clears his through*

"To anyone who can actually hear this

This is Martin Chelmsford

Of the King's 1st Zagorian Regiment"

"We've been sent here to set up a colony and hopefully bring peace and eventually some proper civilisation back to this god-forsaken country."

"If you are interested in restoring order and rule of law to this country or just want to help create something that is for the good of mankind we will be scanning this radio frequency...(*he whispers*) no promises we'll be able to pick up anything on this shitty radio."

"I myself will also be in the Vybor/Kabanino/Sobor area."

"We are also looking for any groups that might be able to help especially with the initial construction effort."

"That is all."

*You hear the man fumble around the radio for a few seconds before it clicks off*

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*The old man fumbles the radio, one hand firmly on a pistol, as he clicks the PPT lots of gunfire can be heard*

Break Break Break

This is call sign Overlord Actual of the Uniform Sierra Alpha Romeo Mike Yankee reporting from north of green mountain.

I am a colonel left over from the UN intervention currently attempting to organize prior military and locals to help against the infection...

*he pauses to shoot a zombie running up*

I got some good old boys of the empire with me, I operate in the Green Mountain area, no standing base.

Good luck out there, watch for the bandits and corporate

*As a loud bang is heard the old man clicks the ppt off*

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*Very faint and static voice can be heard through the radio*

-My radio is damaged but still functional-

"Uh Hello? My name is Joshua Speirs and i am part of a group called JTF (Joint task force)"

*Radio goes extremely static as i am saying ^*

"We have a few Ex-Military Personel which we have banded together and created the JTF, We are alive."

*Long pause happens and you can hear me go through my backpack to take a sip of pepsi*

"Myself i am a Royal Navy Sailor, originally stationed on HMS Dragon as the first responders but also back up for the Cherno-Russian military during the civil war *radio starts to become faint and break up* "We accidently airlifted an infection soldier back to the ship for medical attention, and im sure you can imagine the butterfly affect from there"

*Joshua clears his throat*

"Can you hear me on this fqz? is the receiver still there?"

"If you copy, we can comply and will happily help with restoring basic humanity, rule of law, and cohesion to this country."

*Speirs says proudly "Stay safe, get back to me when you can. we have 4 other people."

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*Kenneth eats trash in a dumpster as he picks up his radio*

Yo, don't think people want the queens brigade around dude. This land don't need outsiders to enforce law and order. Let the locals do that part. And remember, up the RA and fuck the queen my dudes.

*Kenneth eats catfood and passes out*

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*The radio crackles with nothing but the sound of static. A voice soon fades in*


To the few Military remnants that replied... I have been given very little information on the previous military presence in this area.

*He pauses and papers can be heard shuffling*

*He sounds further away from the radio*: Yeah there's fuck all here.

*More shuffling can be heard*

A fucking tourist guide? How's this supposed to help?

*The man leans back close to the microphone of the radio*

As stated before I will be in the Kabanino/Vybor/Stary area later today if anyone wants to personally talk. I will also probably make my way to Green Mountain to meet the "Green Mountain Charity" I've heard of.

Feel free to continue to use this Frequency for now as we seem to have fixed most of the signal issues.

I will broadcast the permanent frequency once my radioman properly sets up the radio.


*He turns away again*

Which he is taking his sweet time doing.

*faint Unintelligible speaking is heard from across the room*

Oh god damnit!

*The radio clicks off*


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*The old man presses down on the PPT*

Mr Clemsford this is Overlord Actual, the land is a clusterfuck, military remnant consists of local military and UN survivors as well as paramilitary organizations. Local groups vary from unions to bandit groups to shadow organizations. I make trips to green mountain every day if you want to meet.

Overlord Actual out

*he releases the PPT*

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*Kenneth wakes up from his catfood slumber*

Yo, weird name "Overlord Actual" but what Island are you talking about dude?

*Kenneth passes out*

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*Once again the radio comes to life with the sound of static... this soon cleares up and the sound of hammering can be heard in the background*

This is.... uhhh... Colonel Martin Chelmsford of the King's 1st Zagorian Regiment.

The forward base is almost complete I'll be making my way to Vybor... then Stary... or Novy and then around to Green Mountain.

*He leans out away from the radioand shouts*:

Hey could you stop hammering so damn loud!

*He returns to the radio*

Anyone who is interested in the cuase or just curious about our mission here is welcom to approach and ask  whatever questions they need answered.

I estimate I'll be in Vybor in about 1 hour.

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*Dan hears british voices over the radio and decides to speak*


"Ya anglos better watch it around here,"

"people are not going to buy your "civilisation" bullshit,"

so: " go on home British Soldiers, Go on home
or Have you got no fucking homes of your own ?"


"Jokes and my opinion aside, yall better make sure you can protect yourselfs"


*Dan chukkels as he puts down the radio*

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*Dono picks up PTT*

What de fuck are you sayin bud? Nobody wants yer stupid doirty fuckin crown on this soil, so just fuck off while ye can.

Pure doirt is what yer feckin crown is.

*Releases PTT and shouts over to Shepherd "You hearin this shite?" @Ryan Shepherd*

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*Lord Ashford would be roused from his serene slumber by the sound of unfamiliar voices speaking in the distinct dialect of his countrymen. Rising from his high-backed, leather throne, he meanders over to the perceived source of these strange, dream-like emanations. In the corner of his adjoining office, he finds his ever dutiful radio operator, Mr Nichols, rapidly shunting through channels on his antiquated transceiver.*

"Bring back that signal."

*Demands the nobleman, as the notoriously cantankerous wireless telegraphy box screeches undignified static back at him.*

"Gordon Bennet!"

*He curses, casting his frustrations upon the airwaves as he reaches over the unfortunate operator's head and gives the metal box a light thwack of encouragement. With the rebellious machine duly beaten into submission, the static slowly dissipates till once again the unknown British voice can be heard through its scratchy speakers. Shooing the bewildered radio technician out of his seat, Ashford supplants him and detaches the microphone from its stand, lifting it to his pale countenance.*

"Come again, did you say the King's 1st Zagorian Regiment?"

*The young peer proceeds to stiffen his upper lip.*

"This is Viscount Ashford, Captain-Commandant of Her Majesty's Cavaliers, representative of the House of Lords and acting governor-general for the British administered safe zone; designation Albion. Colonel, I submitted a request to the Ministry of Defence for a crack relief company..."

*He pauses to examine the chipped face of his pocket watch.*

"2 Years, 4 Months, 1 Week, 1 Day, 5 Hours, 46 Minutes and 40 Seconds ago precisely."

*A furrowed brow distorts his typically composed visage.*

"I must say Colonel, your response is rather tardy."

*Coughing into his delicate white glove, the Lord erases any hint of dissatisfaction in his voice.*

"If you gentleman are really from ol' blighty, then I suggest you comply with the Territorial and Reserve Forces Act of 1907 and submit to the directives of regional British governance. I'll be sending men to locate and retrieve you from your last known position, till then I suggest you stay to ground, you seem to have shaken the proverbial hive."

*With his sentiment concluded, Ashford begins to utter his usual concluding farewell.*

"God save the Que-,"

*He falters a tad, recalling what he had heard earlier.*

"Lord-Captain Ashford out."

*The broadcast fizzles to nothing as the Viscount flicks off the transmission switch.*

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*A forced british accent would be heard on the radio*

'Good evening chaps, this is Second Lieutenant Rogers of the King's 1st Zagorian Regiment.

I am so deeply pleased to hear of the existence of my fellow kinsmen, I have been searching for fellow men of the crown for months.

Where can I rendezvous with you fine men over a cup of tea?'

*The radio goes silent*

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*the man raises an eyebrow and clicks on his radio*

”I’m no expert in geo-political... ness.. but isn’t the current, ehm, Monarch, of England, a Queen? That is, if she’s still alive... Wouldn’t that make you the ‘Queens 1st South Zagorian Regiment’? Also, what purpose do you serve, anyway? I can tell you England, as a whole, has enough issues, and piling South Zagoria on top isn’t going to solve any of them”

”Anyway, Cheerio, gentlemen! Hip hop and a batch of tea! 

*The man sets his radio down in a crate filled with dry leaves. He then dumps the crate into the pond near Stary Sobor in a symbolic fashion. Because why not*

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*Zikmund chuckles to himself and presses down the "PTT" button.*

"Dobry den Martin Chelmsford. South Zagoria does not need saving nor colonizing from some foreign british monarchs, so your best bet is to jump back to your little victorian age boats and go back to your island."

*Releases the "PTT" button and mumbles to himself - "British monarchs.. what's next?" Chuckles to himself before going on his way.*

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