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The Death of Jewboy

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*You'd hear Chaz's voice come over the radio with gunfire and a few explosions in the background*
''Well ladies and gentlemen, it seems we got quite  a show tonight at Lopatino Castle. A lot of... huh, I dunno how the fuck to describe what I'm seeing but it looks like well organised rebels from like, I dunno Palestine or some shit.

*You'd hear a quiet scream with a heavy Israeli accent* I AIN'T EVER GONNA SNITCH ON THE BOYS!.
*Chaz would look through his binoculars from the little barns nearby looking for a flag on their uniforms*
''Yuh, that's the Palestinian flag, and that scream, it reminds me of someone, but I can't put my finger on who exactly... Anyway, I dunno what kinda man, or machine is in that castle, but nothing is coming in, and if it is, well, it ain't coming out alive, that's for damn sure... Oh, it seems the rebels are regrouping. Yuh, yuh they is. It seems they finna go for a last push, they're still a lot of them.''
*You'd hear a muffles scream over the radio ''You will never touch my Shekels you dirty fucking Palestinians, SLAVA IDF YOU BACKWARDS ANIMA---''
*You'd hear a series of loud explosions through the radio, seemingly Chaz never let go of the PTT*

''Holy shit, that was the manliest thing I've ever heard. Imma try and get close to see what's left of the people.'' 
*Never letting go of the PTT, you can hear Chaz moving up to the castle, besides his breathing and a few branches cracking.*

*You'd hear a gasp* ''Oh no, oh nononono. I can't believe it. It can't be, Oh my lord. Jewboy. Jewboy what did you do. You blew yourself up so they wouldn't be able to take your shekels. I good way to die, but fuck, you dirty Palestinians for taking my fucking favorite jew away from me. At least you took all of them out with you.''

*You'd hear a muffled noise over the radio, and Chaz's voice come over once more* 

''Apparently not all of them.''

*A magdump can be heard through the radio before the broadcast goes silent*

(Rip my man Jewboy @JewRP 😢 )

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*Harry would press the PTT*

"Fuck they really did my boy like that huh, your Shekels are safe from the goys now."

"Rest up G."

*An audible sniffle can be heard before the PTT is released*


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