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More ways to obtain paper

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Hello fellas.

So, my and my buddy, Buddy, own a shop down in Novy Sobor, called Not Very Sober Novy Sobor. Some of you might have heard of it (thanks to our stellar marketing) but we cannot continue doing business anymore. Recently, it has become impossible to obtain paper from ammo boxes (Which was our primary way of obtaining said paper) and now, we have nothing to roll our joints with. You see, this is a real problem, because if we can't roll joints, we can't hand them out, and if we can't hand them out... our company goes out of business.

I've had some very interesting RP revolving around the dispensary, and it only just started. If there is no way for us to obtain paper, we cannot continue any further. I understand that having paper in ammo boxes casuses lag, as people tend to just leave them around, and I respect the admins descision to remove that from the game, but in doing so, they hurt the RP this server is capable of producing. As is stands, there is no other reliable way to obtain paper, and we can't roll fatties without it. 

I'm suggesting we add either a way to craft paper, or increase the spawn rate of it. I understand that this is such a niche suggestion, and nobody (apart from me and Buddy) have any paper-related  problems at the minute, but I really don't want to give up our dispensary, and abandon the ideas we had alongside it, simply because we can't find paper. 


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I can see paper being crafted from like a knife plus bark or something. 

I fully understand the wipe of it though, it was useless and really only useful for fires. When there is alternatives for fires like bark and bandages there's really no excuse for keeping something that has actively been slowing down the server.

If @Roland could switch the crafting recipe for a joint or add one for paper then it might be beneficial for lore, but if not have you reconsidered possibly changing to something like cigarettes and just roleplaying them as joints or something?

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