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Suggestion: Fishing Supplies

Suggestion: Fishing Supplies  

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Suggestion #1: Implement Zeroy's Fishing Mod gear into the Itemshop!

  • Add Fishing Raincoat to Raincoat Category of Itemshop
  • Add Fishing Pants to NBC Pants Category (or it's own Category) of Itemshop
  • Add Fishing Boonie Hat to Boonie Hat Category of Itemshop
  • Add Fishing Bandana to Bandana Category of Itemshop
  • Add Fishing Baseball Cap to Baseball Cap Category of Itemshop
  • Add Fishing Wellies (multiple variations) to Wellies Category of Itemshop
  • Add Fishing Hunting Jacket to Hunting Jacket Category of Itemshop
  • Add Fishing T-Shirt to T-Shirt Category of Itemshop
  • Any other Fishing Clothing Items I missed to the Itemshop

Suggestion #2: Add Fishing Supplies to Expected Loot-Tables!

I would like to see Fishing Supplies spawn in the following areas, instead of simply tool-sheds.

  • Summer Camp (Cabins)
  • Hunting Stands
  • Civilian Cargo Containers (Red) At Docks, such as Cherno or Berezino
  • Rowboats

Fishing Supplies such as: 

  • Fishing Backpacks
  • Fishing Poles
  • Fishing Tackle-boxes
  • Fishing Clothes
  • Fishing Net Traps (Wire)

An extension to this suggestion, perhaps increase Fishing Backpack spawn-rate? It seems difficult to find. 

Suggestion #3: Add a E-Tool/Trench-Shovel to the game!

Just a small shovel that can be carried in a backpack, the same slot-space the Hatchet takes up (2x4). Perhaps use the same animation as regular Shovel?

For the primary purpose of those who need a compact shovel for traveling purposes, to dig up worms for fishing, or to create a farming plot.



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Suggestion 1: This requires @Rolandto have permissions to monetize those items, as these are the property of the mod owner (maybe he will be okay with it?).

The other 2 suggestions? Well both are good and actually makes sense for fishing items to spawn in fishing areas and that little shovel could also be a good addition. 

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E-tools are a traveler's best friend. They can do almost anything in terms if survival, so they would need to be a rare spawn.

I see no reason not to increase the amount of spawns that fishing gear has, however I personally find the fishing backpack to be gigantic and slightly ugly because of it. The model size needs shrunk.

All in all the items shop is there for people to get their 'RP' outfit quickly and without having to loot for it. There is an argument to be made about the fact that it's camouflaged, but that's for others to decide.

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