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Ryan Dudley's Journal

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November 14th, 2019 

The air is colder at the cost i left my small cabin up north in order to help out a old friend named Hector we built a new base last night, very late into the night to make sure it was fortified. I have been adopted into the Del Toro family as i have always been an old friend i now am running with their crew i plan on being a guard and a medic for them as i pride myself on always protecting my family Joey Hector's son has seemed to take a liking of me being around he's younger only 19 i have been trying to teach him small tricks to help him survive if he ever faces being alone in this god forsaken world but i enjoy it having someone look up to you as a role model feels good i feel like i can teach that boy a lot about the world and make sure he grows up to be strong and independent. Maybe in the near future i will start to teach the boy medicine but i first he wanted to learn how to make stew and other things to cook which ill show him in order to improve his skills. -Signed Ryan Dudley  


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