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A Message To Overlord Actual

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*Jacob and Mads would sit in the dining area of the cabin, leaving the walkie-talkie in the middle of the table. Jacob presses down on the PTT*

Overlord Actual, this is Lance Corporal Jacob Antone, 4th Marine Division, sitting along with Sergeant Mads Brandt of the Danish Marine Corps, hoping to get into contact once more and possibly establish a face to face meeting. We are hoping you are still safe and well, and would love to help if need be.

Stay frosty, sir. Hunter Actuals out.

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*The old man presses his PPT down*

This is Overlord Actual to Hunter Actuals 1 and 2 I read you loud and clear.

I will be operating in the area of Starry to green mountain in about 6 hours, I will be in more direct contact then, most likely with a group.

Stay safe until a safe house can be established.

This is Overlord Actual signing off...

*The old hand released the PPT*

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*Mads finally comes home and presses the PTT after hearing his radio go off earlier.*

This is Mads Brandt, Sergant, Danish Marine Corps. I'm reading you Overlord Actual. I will be around the area for contact when you are. Any punctual time set? Hours, minutes, location etc? 

Awaiting your response.

Sgt. out.

*Mads lets go of the PTT.*

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*The PTT is pressed, a Chernarussian man can be heard*

"A lot of soldiers speaking on this lately. A lot of foreign soldiers at that. When you boys get nice and comfy, let me know so I can plan a visit."

*The waves fall silent*

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*The old man Presses the PPT down*

Overlord Actual to all Units, private frequency will be sent out individually

This net is now closed.

Overlord Actual Out

*The hans releases the PPT*

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