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Kenny The Savior

Kane's Notebook (Will Continuously Update)

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     For I will bring forth the end of the world.


                                                                                                                                       Kane Walls - Entry One:


                      I don't really write much since Lucy left... No point in it really. By this point... I know somethin' is wrong with me, I've got a screw loose in my noggin'.. or hell, maybe more than just one screw. I'm the leader of a one man pack.. it's easier that way. Most of the time I have to smile, and spew bullshit to the unth-tenth stranger I've stumbled upon, having to act all friendly and shit... I don't like fuckin' friendly... I carry Lucy with me, because she is with me.. you know? The man with the yellow eyes told me Lucy lived in my bat.. all I had to do was feed her. I- Fuck.. Something is really wrong in my head, huh?  Well.. Today I decided to leave the firehouse.. Why, you may ask.. Cause' hell froze over.. that's why. I met a woman... she's mute, which is why I guess I have a soft spot for her. Having someone to sign with.... it takes me back ya' know... to before. She's a mean son'uva'bitch though, let me tell ya'. Took down damn near 10 of these infected bastards before I could drop five. Now that's someone I can call a friend. *Attached is a photo of Kane's bat, Lucy.* End of Entry One                      


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