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Memoirs of a (Fallen) Doctor: Unbecoming

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Olivia stoked the flames of her heart, and of the campfire, contemplating. The days before had been... Interesting, to say the least. Eventful, at the most. A quick glance at her hands had her questioning who and what exactly she had become in years past. The journal finds its way between nimble fingers, pages turning until there is only white showing. She begins writing.


Welcome everyone... Every time you walk through these doors, you are taking part in finding yourself. You are here to find your own peace and happiness. Remember to release your pain and anxiety. I think it was these words that truly caused me to set myself apart after the loss of my mother. These meetings. Waking up in puddles of sweat and loneliness. The demons kept pressing me.


Now? The loneliness is unplanned, but sometimes needed. People die around me. The demons rattle me to my very core, rattle this campsite, rattle the cities nearby. My screams to God of removing this fell upon deaf ears, upon the very air that we breathe.


I was bitten. The nausea was the worst of it. Though... The loss of balance was quite humorous at first between my friends, until they realized. The shakes, too, worse than anything the pills could have caused. But, yet... I did not turn. I did not become one of my own demons. One of them.


What has become of me? Is this truly my unbecoming? The unbecoming of that all I have worked towards? Survived for? A million thoughts, a million words, all running through my mind. The nightmares and the voices are on repeat in the back of my head. Everything that everyone has wanted me to be... Falls upon me.


- Olivia Watson, PHD Monstercowardweaksinner


She finishes the signing with a tired sigh, inspecting the now-healed wound and scar. She shakes her head as the others come back, lumber and logs alike piled over their shoulders. The shirt is lowered, another secret attempting to be kept. The journal is closed.



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Always love reading these, it's awesome getting to know your character through this. You do an amazing job getting your characters thoughts and feelings across in the writing, keep it up!

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Good stuff. 

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