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Unnecessary Post

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Picture. 

Why the verdict is not fair: I literally showed my happiness through emojis to my good friend Diamond on OUR group thread since he had just announced that he was coming back. It does not take a high IQ to realize that I was showing that I was happy that my boy was back. If I can get 3 warning points for 3 emojis there is something seriously wrong here. Honestly, in this case, it feels straight up ridiculous.  

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Just think it is a bit overkill to give someone 3 points for being happy about a friend coming back using 3 emojis 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: The 3 points removed. 

What could you have done better?: Nothing.


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Greetings @Blake,

After reviewing your appeal the staff team have come to the conclusion to deny it. Our rules clearly state that all posts must be of a high standard, alongside having to be meaningful and contributing to the thread at hand. Your post contained only emoji's which is the epitome of an unnecessary post. Your post was not of a high standard, nor was it meaningful or contributed to the thread at hand, furthering our reason of denying your appeal. We understand that you were happy and wanted to show that in your post but posting only emoji's is unnecessary. You could have instead posted "Welcome back! I'm so happy that you're back" which would have been fine, but posting only emoji's, GIF's or one worded replies are unnecessary posts. In future, we advise you to take more care in your posts to ensure that they are of a higher standard.

With that said,
APPEAL DENIED - Warning points remain.

Signed by myself w/ notes.

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