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El garden de la mota.

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*  loud static sound comes from the radio after hearing Pacho shoot  5 shots  * 

“ puto walker was trying to eat my planticas homes can you believe dis? “ hello..........  Pinche  cabron radio homes is this thing on ? Is it working ? 

“Hola amigos 

Como se llama this is Pacho Del toro, you all can call me Pacho. I’m currently looking for a  amigo   that enjoys to farm mota. Yo quiero to make the biggest chinga  mota storage  this land has ever seeeeeeeen homes and I need a dedicated amigo  to help me with the agricultural project you know so that any survivor out there can enjoy the mental relaxation from my mota  you know ? Life now a days is hard for us all homes and I feel like my mota can benefit everyone. If you are interested in this business proposal please reach out to me via radio homes. * I hope this radios is working eh ?* 


*oh and any vato that is listening  who wants to buy or try some of my  motica homes como se llama just reach out to me via radio hopefully I’ll try to get this thing  to work again pinche radio De mierda * 

* hears light static in the background before hearing  Pacho sing a prayer in Spanish for his newly farmed Weed  tree before the radio message cuts out* 

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