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i'm looking for willing people

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hay all right making a map for dayz SA i have most of it made as did't work out on A2 as most tools did't work sadly,, so dayz SA best hope for the Project, it has been a big under taking.. need willing people to help out.. You don't need script knowledge at all ill do all that just need help building all the roads and towns all that malarkey to much for me to do by my self but am looking for 3d editors as well just pm me if want to volunteer make a awesome map.. please excuse my bad grammar as i have dyslexia

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As i was with you on voice in discord you have decent idea and knowlidge to succes with this project .Wish you luck to find some willing people here @killerkiwi.

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I am willing to help, but my work schedue is keeping me really busy this month. However I would like to make a suggestion that i think will give uniqueness to your map project: sewer system or kanals in the big towns would be cool, caves in the deep forest areas, underground bunkers, caves that go deep inderground, waterfalls if possible. I always dreamed of places like this in the server. Anyway good luck with the map, I wish i had the time to help, i have contributed in mods/maps etc in games and have some knowledge how to code/design maps, but i barely even have any free time.

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im working on a sewer system idear not only mad one ? but yeah any time have be good you code knowledge mite come in handy as i'm working on a power system idear to power up whole maps power grid. like from arma 2

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