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Arthur Kushnir Journal

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Arthur Kushnir 

Journal Entry 1: 

Chernarus has never looked so beautiful and chaotic in my time visiting, the outbreak has stranded me here with my guilt and pain ergo I must find its sweet spots. 
After spending a lot of time making my way back into Chernarus, the effort still seems pointless after the emptiness I have encountered. The infected scatter themselves on the streets, the remnants of what remained are now just a feeble attempt of humanity trying to persist; the people I have met have been on the edge of insanity or like myself just trying to survive. 

With my mission being to reach Zelenagorsk I headed north, or what I figured to be north, as the sun came up behind me, I began to see the contrasting beauty of Chernarus; how maybe this apocalypse hasn’t ruined everything.  z1xeoU2.jpg
As it became day, I was getting hungrier and sat myself near a natural water source to wait for something to come feed, I waited an hour or so and as my stomach was telling my brain to move on to the next town a tasty boar made its way into sight; without hesitation I zeroed in and took my shot, clean through the throat the boar went down. My CZ rifle is trusty and has been with me through it all.aTO22W7.jpg

Once I had skinned and quartered the boar, I made my way to a nearby barn where I set up a small camp to cook the meat. 


What I first thought was the sound of something heavy falling coming from what is known as Green Mountain I made my way up there in hope of finding some people. I did find people, however, I realised the loud noise was a gun shot, I was quickly approached by 5 men in blacked clothing one with a deep Russian accent spoke to me, I explained who I was and I’m merely just a hunter. 
The men seemed to take a liking to me but quickly two of the members began to argue and fight each other, it didn’t escalate to anything other than that.  
The men quickly said their farewells and were off, after taking a minute to comprehend what just happened, I saw the huge wooden walls surrounding Green Mountain, there were no replies from anyone inside when I attempted to shout in.  

I stayed outside the Green Mountain compound for a moment, when I ran into a fellow Hunter, he explained to me he hunts and trades the meet in at this compound which personally I never thought of doing. This man also explained that Zelenagorsk was just over the hill, but it was currently controlled by bandits and that if I need assistance going in I should find a group which has an interest in getting to it too. With my doubts of his truth I still accepted the warning and asked for his direction north, he told me which way the military airfield was. 

I continued north, finding myself in Dichina Military base but no sign of any military enforcement. 
Once I headed past Vybor I stopped to hunt for some more food, when I saw a smoke trail off in the distance. When I checked with my scope it seemed to be a helicopter and my first hope was finding some military personnel, I was scrounging for the idea of control and safety that it blinded me. 
Rushing in I saw the remains of the crash, the infected had already got to the soldiers and I had to kill them myself.  


Realising all hope had gone as the sun set, I sank myself into the corner of building in Vybor, I set up a fire and kept myself warm, ready for the following day.  

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