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A Wayward Signal

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Lev sits atop the radio tower, smoking a cigarette as he gazes out at the early morning haze around the mountain. Taking a deep breath, he flips a switch, turning on one of Deer Isle's only working station antenna, holding up a microphone with his other arm as he glances to the left at the mix-and-match radio set he had created. Pulling the cigarette from his mouth, he finally spoke.

"Greetings, mainland Chernarus. How are you all doing? Hopefully, many of you are just waking up, and I hope your dreams were well. I hope they were of fantastic situations you are capable of making tangible. Some of you may know me. I'm Lev Yelagin. Formerly, the Novaya Petrovka survivors' Lev Yelagin about six months ago, the Lopatino survivor enclaves' Lev Yelagin about three months ago, allied with the Runners and the Wolf Pack, and the NHF's temporary member in the closing days of their ultimately victorious war with Anarchy. You're probably wondering why I'm making this broadcast, and I promise, I'm not going to deliver some veiled threat or declaration, but merely ask a question you're free to answer if you think you can." 

He took a moment to pause, glancing at the rising sun. "Tell me....survivors of Chernarus. No...people, of Chernarus....why do you do what you do? I'm not accusing you of anything, and I promise, I've probably done worse, so don't get all scared, yeah? I want to know...what makes you go on another day? What makes you fight for your beliefs, and keep going? Moreover, do you believe that your actions will see Humanity benefited in the end, or is that not a concern of yours? Regardless, I wish to hear your answers. I ask these questions because as of late, I had an epiphany that I can't shake."

Sitting back, and turning off the radio, he takes another drag of his cigarette, reaching to his right to open a small cooler, and pulling out a can of NotaCola. "I'd fucking murder a dude for actual Coke...or suck his dick. Either or." He admitted, waiting. "Let's see if the people of Chernarus are still their same-old..."

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*A shaky Hand presses down his PPT* 

H-hello? I, I'm not on the mainland currently but I've been here since the 2nd week so I t-think I can say a f-f-few words

*the PPT is released and a pill is taken. After a few minutes the shakes stop and the PPT is pressed again*

Sorry about that, as a philosopher and historian, humanity has faced extinction before and has bounced back, it has done horrible things and there are those who do good. I know I'm living in someone else's history book so I hope to leave a good page in it. Truely this is the life I have so I live it as I see fit, freedoms and good hearted actions in the face of evil and death.

This is Specialist Jack Morgan, signing off 

*the PPT is released, the young man leaning back in the old compound hes hiding in, letting the anti-depressants kick in.*

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