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Duke's - Home Away From Home. (Open)

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** PA System In KABANINO ** 

 Hello Everyone, 

I am John Jamesons, Friends know me as JJ, Its been a Crazy few Weeks But I Think. I have Found Somewhere to call Home. Come By KAB To Find A Little Slice Of Heaven A Home Away From Home. If You Are Wondering I have Tweeked with this PA System To Get onto the open Boardcast. 

See Yo... So.....

** PA System Is Not Realiable.** 


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* Louis pushes PTT*

"Did... did I run into you in Kab in that fort or whatever? You offered me a steak and pumpkin slices, super nice. Wanna get me another bag of that good stuff? Thanks my dude, see you tonight."

*Louis releases PTT*

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** PA System In KABANINO ** 
** Tweeks A Few Knobs **

Hello... Hello.
This Is JJ, Yes I am That Persons. We have OutPost Looking Building. In the Middle of Town... It... Soo.. 

**PA Power Flickers Off **

** Kicks Power Box **

Sorry about That, This Rusty PA System Needs some more work.
I will Be Around Tonight So Come Say Hi...

** Power Off ** Genny Runs Out of Fuel.

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*A old hand presses down on the PPT, the old voice is whispering*

Hello, this is the Colonel that's been active recently, I'm a bit lost but I hope I can swing by to see this home

*a zombie horse is heard close by*

Word of warning, always listen for a hoard before opening a massive hanger

*the PPT clicks off as the hoard grows louder*

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** Slowly Turns Knob on ** 

Colonel.... Are .... you... O... 
The....Stor..... Hit Out Our Long R.... Transmitter...

If You Can... Me Then... Get to SomeWhere.... Saf....

******** Large BANG *********

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** PA System In KABANINO ** 
** Tweeks A Few Knobs **

Hello Everyone, JJ Here. Just wanting to thank the young boys from Stary Sobor for doing a great job keeping the dead of my Doorstep. 
I have noticed a few hordes around the place and want to warn people that it's safe again in Kabanino. I am going Hunting for few days so be safe out there. 

** Turns  PA Off ** 


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*The PA system in Kabino goes live*

"Hello citizens of Kabino, yes Kabino, not Kabanino.

Ryan Shepherd here, man of The Trade Union.

We came to you yesterday and showed you how The Trade Union operates, firstly by force, then we gave you the strict set of rules you must follow under Trade Union law.

Your weapons were even returned to you.

However, you were foolish enough to return to Kabino, rearm yourselves and came to murder us in Vybor, how did that go for you all by the way?

That being said, due to your complete disregard for myself and Ivan Volkov's simple set of laws, you will be given 48 hours to re-pledge your allegiance to The Trade Union and write us a letter of apology and hand it to the treasurer of bones. This letter must contain reasons how you will benefit from The Trade Union law and how foolish you were to oppose us and how sorry you are.

Failure to do so will give us reason to believe you want to continue being independent traders and that is not an option.

This is a warning.

Up the Trade Union!"

*The PA system will die out while he makes his exit from Kabino.*

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*Treasurer of Bones picks up his radio*

Shalom Mr. JJ. This is the Treasurer of Bones. Your time to give me an apoligy letter has almost past. I suggest hurry up so Mr. Shepard can relax and dont have to be angry tonight. Get back to me.


Edited by KennethRP

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** PA System In Kab **

I am Sorry I can't pay my way, you see im on the way out, I was bit by a wolf out hunting and I Need Medical Treatment... I will no longer be able to look after the outpost and will be giving it to anyone who needs a place to put there head. 

I am walking away from this town but leave you with a Stash head to the local fishing hole and look under the big Oak. and I hope we are even....

** Coughs Blood.** 

I'm Sorry.. I Never Meant for any of this. Goodbye maybe I will find a doctor...

**PA System Breaks... ***

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