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Ryan Dudley's Journal

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*Ryans hands shake slightly as i take my journal out from behind my plate carrier.*

November 11th, 2019 

I have seem to find this life again, no no it is not my first time killing someone nor will it be my last i feel like but it has been years since i have had to. November 9th... November 9th is when i had to kill a man with none less then my cz-75. My house had been broken into and so were my neighbors i found man way up north in the mountains and i had began to talk to him only to see he had the same rifle i had stored in my locker so we began to hold him up but not to steal what was his only what was ares me and a friend as we told him to drop his weapon he then raised it shooting a young lady three times in the back which gave me no choice but to shot him in the head one fatal round and he dropped. The poor man all he had to do was comply and he would still have all his gear, but on the long term me and Murphy are doing alright we have been stock piling gear and food for winter as well as a working car, we have made new friends our neighbors their names are chase and Harvey or Harry i believe is name is i many be wrong i tend to forget names quite easily, but so far they have been a massive help giving us spare nails and a barrel, in return i gave them water barrel, 4 dial lock and a generator. So far i think surviving this winter will easy with the about of meat and vegies we have stored in a save location. -signed Ryan Dudley 


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