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Jacob's Signal

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*Inserts a brand new battery in his worn-out radio*

*cycles through the frequencies and randomly choses one*

*clicks the PPT down*

''...Hello?...I am Jacob...(inaudible)...a traveller. I need...(inaudible)...anybody out there?...(inaudible) on top of these apartment...(inaudible) in Novaya. There's people...(inaudible)...asked to stay...(inaudible)...hope...(inaudible)...build here...(inaudible)...need help...(inaudible)...''

*The transmission crackles and stops for a moment then becomes clearer for a couple seconds*

''...I'll be out here collecting parts for cars and other few things. So far, my time out of the woods has been okay. Kenny, if you are listening, just letting you know I'm still out there, I'll be making a trip to Balota, but I'll be back.''

*releases the PPT*

*The transmission stops*

*puts the radio back on his pack*


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