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Remembrance Day 2019

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"Lest we forget"


Sup lads, for those that aren't aware of how we do things in the UK, we have a day to remember soldiers etc. that served in all previous and ongoing wars, mainly dedicated to those who gave their today to give us our tomorrow but it also thanks the current force for their service. The origin behind the poppy was that a field of poppies would sprout above the ground in which soldiers had died, thus we remember them by wearing some form of poppy appeal (Badge, Lapel Pin etc.)

Usually a pretty big deal in the UK around my area anyway, with a military march through my hometown, followed by speeches and prayers for the fallen as well as a two minutes silence as a sign of respect. Let me know what you think either from a British boy's perspective, do you celebrate it? And more importantly, what do the outsiders think of one of the biggest traditions that we celebrate annually. 

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