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In need of a doctor (open frequency)

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*Jan presses the PTT of his handheld transceiver*

''Hello this is Depressed Cowboy here. A friend of mine has a really bad looking leg and I really need a doctor to take a look at it.
We got him on painkillers for now, but the fever seems to continue. The leg shows black spots and is not smelling good. 

I hope there is a doctor out there that hears this. Please come help us at Redwood Radiostation on Altar Hill.
Delta Charlie over.''

*Jan releases the PTT*

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*Conor, heading over to the radio grabs it and raises it to his mouth, stuck for a moment on what to say before he finally pushes the PTT.*


"Hey! Hey. We need a Doctor over here ASAP. My friend, I... He... Someone hit his leg all over with a claw hammer and fucked the thing up, it was already bad before but now... It looks like the ass end of one of the infected. My knowledge is limited, but I'd say he's gonna need limb amputation and a lot of fucking medicine. He is fucked. Please, we don't know how to help him..."


*Short pause and loss of composure he'd sound desperate almost worried for sounding like a gruff angry man.*


"Someone save my fucking friend!"


*He'd let go of the PTT grimacing at the smell permeating around the station.*

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*Olivia would be cycling through the open radio waves, letting out a sigh at the silence before she finds this specific message. She looks down at her own wound, then holds in the PTT on the transmitter.*


"This is Doctor Olivia Watson. If you have a more private frequency we could speak on, I may be able to be of service. I can't say much here."


*The feed would cut out, Olivia tapping a bit nervously on the the transmitter.*

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Fae dries her gloves on her jeans, grabbing her radio and pushing the PTT. 

"Grab a hacksaw, chop it off. Problem sorted.

If y'all could find a chainsaw that'd do the trick a lot faster too.."

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*Dr. River takes his radio to hand and presses the PTT*

"Hello, I am Dr. River. I run a medical team. However, we are on the island called Jelení Ostrov. It will take time for us to get anywhere close to treat him. If you find a doctor on the mainland that can help, then get them ASAP. If you cannot locate anyone, use our frequency and we can walk you through somethings.

*He releases the PTT*

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*Conor picks up the radio wiping sweat from his brow.*


"It's OK people, leg is gone. Thanks for the offer but we had to sprint to Sobor to look for help. Least we got some."


*Short pause.*


"Oh, one more thing. Fuck you Miss Fae. Go die in a house fire as always and shove a stick up your ass.*

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*Olivia holds in the PTT once more, sitting against a wall. She gives a small grunt of effort as she moves her wounded side.*


"You've made sure to either clot or cauterize the wound, as well as the evening out of the stump? All could lead to many future issues. If you'd like more of a professional opinion... My offer from earlier is still open. Get into contact with me."


*The feed cuts out.*

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*Jan presses the PTT of Erik's radio and speaks with the most depressing tone imaginable*

''Thanks for all the advise on the radio here. Unfortunately it didn't work out. We got help from a combat medic situated in Stary Sobor. He came over and did the amputation.
The leg was gone and we thought it would be alright, but there were some black veins further up. The medic said it was alright, but I guess it wasn't.

*Stops talking for a second and multiple people in the background could be heard crying*

''Like I said..... T....H...anks for the he...l...p.... everyone. But I guess it wasn't en..o...ugh...
One of my best friends... Erik Koivu.... Died a couple minutes ago. .... I h...ave no words for this.''

Delta... Charlie ... over and out.''

*Slowly releases the PTT and looks at Erik's radio in his hands. The only memory he can hold on to*

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*Dr. River would take the radio to hands and presses the PTT*

"Ah...I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. I really am. We tried to head over to the mainland but by the time we got to the sea, we heard the sad news. My condolences to you all."

*He releases the PTT and heads back to the car*

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