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""Flamebait"" appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 32b08b055759e5d614522871919385a9.png

Why the verdict is not fair: how is this CLEARELY flamebait????? from his response saying "90% of all hostile RP" implying that most if not all hostile RP'ers are garbage and shouldn't be on the server, it came off as hateful towards those kind of Roleplayers, i just said that it came off as just that, hate towards HostileRP'ers.

i still don't see whats the flame part about this message, what? the part where i said that its not a Dora the explorer episode? let me explain. 

1) this isn't a statement pointed towards Horatio at all, and not towards any other community member at all. 

2nd) its a statement that HostileRP, ISN'T A DORA THE EXPLORER EPISODE KIND OF RP. 

the only thing pointed towards Horatio at that sentence is me pointing out the fact that his own statement came off as hateful towards people who HostileRP.  

The statement didn't even bait him for a response, i didn't ask him for a reply nor did i want one. 

its literally me saying that it seems like he has some hate towards other HostileRP'ers and that HostileRP is not something that is as "friendly" as a Dora episode. 

let me ask you this, if his statement, basically saying that most if not all hostileRP'ers are garbage, how is that not flamebait towards people who do HostileRP? 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I cant even imagine how someone came up with the idea of this being flamebait, its not a flame message and most definetly not a bait.

would like to also mention the fact that we even discussed that statement he made, and both came to an understanding that the statement as it was really did came off as a hateful one, and me even mentioning that: "

Maybe next time just be more specific i guess, if what i quoted above would have been the original post we wouldn't even discuss it since i completely agree lad." 


I would like to ask if @Horatio was actually flamed by that, and if we did or did not resolve the situation and both came to an understanding that the statement came off on the wrong side. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: points revoked

What could you have done better?: Not post anything at all on the forums ever. 

עד מתי מרץ 18

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Greetings @JewRP

A separate team of staff have reviewed this and have come to the conclusion, that the use of this comment was not used to provoke a negative response, it was simply just to defend your self and the style of role-play you engage in.


Signed @Realize @PaulB & @Hofer

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