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To Those Who Care

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*Jacob would finish his cigarette, tossing it off the cliffside, barely finding the will to press down on his PTT*

Survivors, clans, groups, whoever the fuck may be on this frequency.

The Black Roses are done. Dead, captured, in hiding, i'm not sure. As far as I know, i'm the last standing Rose. And I know for a fact you won't find me anytime soon.

And if you do, God FUCKING help you. 

Jackson, Yuri, Bobby... All of the Roses. I'll never forget any of you. I love you, brothers. Your stories will be told till my time comes. I promise.

So, for the last time you'll hear me say this, but a saying i'll carry with me to the VERY bitter end... Viva La Roses!

*A slight sad, almost teary eyed sniffle is heard as the PTT is released*


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*Pressing the button firmly on the side of his radio and speaking clearly into it, the sound of a young American teen breaks through the sound of static across the frequency*

"I've known the Roses a long time. The very first person I met coming into the province was Alexander Camille, he was a walking prosthetic and although I only ever had minor interactions with him he set me on the path that led me to where I am today unintentionally. I've seen the Roses swap leadership multiple times, seen them come and go even more so. I'll never forget the day they took Louie near the quarry, or the time Brandon Terrano became the province's biggest joke talking about lobbing grenades with five groups into Polana. There was plenty of hostilities and plenty of laughs too... I know plenty of people hated you all, but not everyone knew you from the past, I've seen the good and the bad. You caused enough mayhem in the province I don't think you need to worry about your stories not being told..."

*Releasing the button with a slight smile on his face he placed it back into the pocket of his vest, taking a moment to contemplate a few other memories of the Roses in the past*



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*Falk picks up the radio and presses the PTT*


I used to know one of those Black Roses once.

His name was Alan Ford. 

Shame what happened to him in the end.

Bobby probably end up the same.

Anyways enjoy hiding.


*Falk lets go of the PTT*

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Thomas gasps as he hears the voice echo from the radio. He grabs his radio from his belt and immediately presses the PTT once the transmission is done.


" It's good to hear your voice again, Jacob's. It's Thomas, I was travelling with JR the other day. I was worried about you, I'm just glad you're safe. I heard the other transmission from your friends Jacob's. I'm sorry."


He releases the PTT and delivers another slight moment of silence as he bows his head down reminiscent to before.


"Stay safe Jacob's, may our paths meet again. Our stories aren't done, none of ours are."


He releases the PTT and buries his hands into his face solemnly. The chirp of the crickets makes it's way back into knowledge.

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