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Johnny Navid

Jackson Rivers Last Radio Broadcast.

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*Jackson Rivers would push his PTT down while holding multiple pictures one being his boys from Black Roses and his Ex girlfriend Georgia Banks*

*static and the sounds of crying could be heard during the broadcast*



"My name is Jackson Rivers second in command of black roses..... My boys if you are hearing this...... I'm sorry I've seen to much yet I feel to little. This is my last Radio Broadcast.... I want all of the people I did wrong to know I'm sorry for hurting you.... Many of you didn't deserve it. I've taught Jacob everything hopefully he sees this and changes his mind about being a murderer like me..... Yuri locked himself in his room he hasn't eaten for days I haven't seen him in a while I've ease dropped on him all I hear is a Cylinder to his revolver and the hammer dropping. Every time I hear it I hear him screaming..... It's like he in fucking pain...... 

*You would hear Yuri Maklovich in the background screaming once more*

I'm in pain.... this is hard.... Chris i'm sorry we were once brothers but now we are at each others throats. Martinez I hope you succeed. Hunter from green mountain. I'm sorry for doing those things to you. Georgia we had a good run doll....... 

*you would hear a pause you also would hear from Yuri's room one last hammer drop followed by a loud bang that echos*

*Jackson would cry heavily but you would hear him say clearly while crying "I guess Yuri won"

*Jackson would turn off the lights in his room*

Fuck man.... 

*Jackson duct tapes the ptt and puts the glock to his head talking to himself*

Do it pussy you've took lives do it yourself.


*You would hear static and silent crying then a gun shot*





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*Michael looks at his radio as the transmission comes through from his oldest of friends. He listens silently, not responding until the gunshot is heard.
He sighs to himself as he presses the PTT.*

"I am both saddened and happy to hear that you have released yourself from the eternal torment of your head. You've always had it rough my friend.
May the divine grace watch over you. And Georgia should you be hearing this- I'd like to meet. Without being ambushed this time preferably."

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*Georgia presses her PTT*

*You would hear a faint gasp*

"Jackson, don't. Whatever you've done can be forgiven"

*You would hear her breathing get heavier, she's sobbing. She screams into the mic*

"Jackson... Jackson! You selfish asshole, DON'T do this!"

*Realizing it's too late, Georgia falls to her knees, crying*

"Goodbye, Jackson"


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*Jacob would press down his PTT. a long fill of static and silence fills the frequency. Crying and screaming would shortly break the silence after hearing both gunshots, and the sounds of something either being kicked or punched repeatedly.*

"God FUCKING DAMN IT! Fuck, fuck, FUCK. Please let this be fake, let this be staged or something, Jackson. Answer this fucking PTT right now GOD DAMN IT!"

*silence would be the only reply*

*Crying, but still able to clearly say his sentence*, "Go in peace, brothers. I loved the both of you, as if you were real brothers. Know that the stories of your lives will be told, along with Bobby's and the rest of the Roses. See you on the other side."

*Jacob would release the PTT and cry for quite some time*

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*Martinez Lopez press down his PTT *  

*Thank you my friend for making me happy by helping me make a shop that made others happy*

*You would hear Martinez sobbing while saying his goodbyes to Jackson*

*And thank you for protecting me ever since I met you thank you for the adventures we had and for treating me like a brother*

*you would hear a long silence*

*At least you're in a better place rest in peace Jackson and Yuri  let your soul rest*

*You hear Martinez drinking and sobbing while saying "ve al cielo mis hermanos y descansa"*

*Martinez release PTT*

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*Noah Presses his PTT*

"God fucking damn it. I was here for you and this group to serve and strive in this land. Jackson, I wouldn't say I looked up to you because at the end of the day, you have given up before me. It really was an honor to serve along side you and Yuri. I don't know why the fuck you chose the easy way out but im still here to fight. Im no longer a Mafia Associate, Im Barley a leader of The Syndicate, I am definitely no longer a Black Rose. I did nothing but serve and at the end of the day all of you go into hiding and start shooting yourselves. 


Ill leave you with this, As it was an honor serving with you guys I am also Disappointed. This group has done nothing but dig a deeper hole for us to crawl out of.
Fuck the Roses, Love you brothers, Russo out"

*Noah Releases his PTT*

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