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Server time (UTC): 2021-12-08 04:40

Chernarus: KOS - 11/10/2019 ~9:59


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Server and location: Chernarus, iZurivive coordinates: 5629/ 7263

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 9:59 (UTC)

Your in game name: Aaron Sumner

Names of allies involved: Georgia Banks & Monty Mikhail Montgomery

Name of suspect/s: Unknown / unannounced 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5dc7e8626ece485507/a-sad-end-

Detailed description of the events: At approximately 9:52 (UTC) server time, an unknown individual came up to my group of three while we were inside the medical center of Stary Sobor. With as dire of a situation as we were in, we immediately begin seeking help from this new voice from outside. The voice promises the help we seek (this "help" being a toxic cure), and convinces me to follow him outside to  get the desired item. Because my group and I were planning on disconnecting just before the new person's arrival, my group took the initiative of leaving at this point in time. Moments later, the man holds my character up. Along with multiple others, he makes the demand that I not lie to him about the whereabouts of my other members. As they've already since disconnected, my character simply responds that they are both asleep. The aggressor doesn't buy it, assumes I'm lying upon a supposed "chem light" being spotted in the distance, and takes my character's life.

As seen in the PlaysTV video linked above, all events are neatly played out and described in depth. Despite my character's complete compliance, I still got killed. I believe this is in violation of rule 4.6; as the attacker had no right to kill my character.

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Connection Logs:

06:55:06 | Player "Aaron Sumner" is connected

06:54:56 | Player "Johnny Malong" is connected
10:49:25 | Player "Johnny Malong" has been disconnected

06:55:25 | Player "Georgia Banks" is connected 
09:53:48 | Player "Georgia Banks" has been disconnected

06:54:44 | Player "Monty Mikhail Montgomery" is connected
09:35:09 | Player "Monty Mikhail Montgomery" has been disconnected


Hit Logs:

09:59:17 | Player "Aaron Sumner" (DEAD)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Johnny Malong" into Head(0) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin Nagant 1930 from 2.79233 meters  
09:59:17 | Player "Aaron Sumner" (DEAD)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Johnny Malong" into Brain(37) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin Nagant 1930 from 2.79233 meters 


Kill Logs:

09:59:17 | Player "Aaron Sumner" (DEAD) killed by Player "Johnny Malong" with Mosin Nagant 1930 from 2.79233 meters


Misc Logs:

09:54:06 | Johnny Malong <5799.98, 7436.31, 308.427> restrained Aaron Sumner with Metal Wire


Calling in to post PoV's:

@Rederaz | Aaron Sumner | POSTED
@Notic3 | Johnny Malong | POSTED

Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE you have

@Notic3 will be temporarily banned from the server until his POV is posted

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Why the verdict is not fair: 

I was under the impression that the detainee was being continually untruthful due to reports from my ally that there was continued activity in the vicinity of the Hospital (the location the detainee's group had remained as I led him away) which I explicitly explained that If one was to do so, lethal repercussions would be the result. To my best knowledge, the detainee's group had still been online in the Hospital after he had confessed that they'd "gone to sleep". A false statement via my partner may have been present, but unknowingly at the time, I had no reason to believe of possible mistrust. I acted fairly and truthfully according to my knowledge of the situation at hand, and if I had known that there had been no activity in the hospital, I would not have fired. I acted on false pretenses that, during the moment, seemed to be truthful. If he had lied about his group being "awake" then I had probable cause to believe that he'd been lying the entire time, which could have been lethal towards myself, leading to my past actions.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

As my companion and I arrived to southern Stary Sobor, we spotted multiple green and red chemlights glaring through the hospital windows. Unknown that there was currently 3 survivors holding refuge in the hospital, I made the decision to attempt to rob the hospital inhabitants. Following greeting the survivors, I had received the knowledge that there were 3 total survivors inside of the hospital with radiation poisoning, greatly in need of a Toxic Cure. Knowing this, I used the promise of a Toxic Cure as a bait to lure one of the survivors away from the group while my accomplice waited on the crest of the hill with a suppressed *SKS* (IDR). After reaching a plausible distance away from the group so that they couldn't hear his cries for help, I proceeded to initiate, restrain, and search the Doctor of pharmaceuticals. As we spoke, I gave him my terms;  If you lie, you're dead, if you stop walking, you're dead, if you rebel, you're dead, if you're friends come to help, you're dead. As we walked down the rainy rural path, my friend continually gave me updates on the situation at the Stary Sobor Hospital, reporting that he had seen "a chemlight flickered just now in the hospital" which led me to believe that his friends were on their way to find their doctor which he could've stopped by speaking back to them as his radio was online, so he could report about his group to me. I believe that his group was going to make an attempt on my life, so I shot him.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I only strive to display my reasoning and POV of the situation, and accept punishment for I acted drastically due to the 3:1 odds against me. (his group against me)

What could you have done better?: 

I could have and should have confirmed personally about the activity in Stary Sobor, and I should have held him hostage in the Lonely Lodge down the road instead of killing him. It was only after the killing, did I search the hospital for others and finding nothing after clearing the entire building, even the locked storage room where I had suspected they had hidden after the shot. At this moment, I knew, I messed up, and I sincerely apologize.

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Thank you @Notic3, your temp ban has now been lifted. Keep an eye on this report for any questions.

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@Notic3 | Invalid kill - Roleplayed | Guilty


In this situation you take @Rederaz hostage after luring him out of the clinic with the promise of a cure to his sickness. A clever tactic. Not long after he leaves the clinic, his friends who remained in the clinic disconnected from the server as is shown in the connection logs.

During the time he is your hostage, you demand that he does not lie to you and then later go on to ask him what the location is of his friends who were left behind in the clinic. As he is aware that they have logged out, he tries to inform you of this via roleplay, without going out of character by telling you that they are asleep (the standard roleplay to explain the fact that somebody has logged out). You do not accept this answer and then execute him because you had information that people were nearby with chemlights, like your victim had back at the clinic.

In the spoiler below are the rules regarding the execution of hostages as explained in section 4.6:


4.6 If you successfully capture a player through a hostile action and then take him into your custody, he is now considered your hostage. You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive and in a relatively good health. That includes protecting them from external threats like zombies and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival when they are released. A character that is taken hostage may be executed once for a hostile incident that happened in the past where the hostage was personally responsible for, or participated in a death of your ally. In any other circumstances, hostages may only be executed in the following scenarios:

Hostages do not comply with your demands after repeated requests or try to escape.

Hostages pose a direct threat to you or your group, for example by picking up a weapon when not allowed to.

Hostages do not value their life, for example they repeatedly talk back or insult you despite being told to stop.

Approved group of the hostage or their allies refuse to negotiate or open fire on hostage takers.

Demands from negotiations with approved group of the hostage have not been met after a reasonable time has elapsed.

If we look at this list, we see that in your situation you meet none of the criteria that would allow you to legitimately execute your hostage. If there were people with chemlights nearby, they could belong to anybody of the probable 70+ other people on the server. When you spawn in fresh, you start with a chemlight. They are also commonly found around the map for anybody to pick up and use. The fact that somebody nearby had one does not mean anything in your situation. Your hostage was restrained and was in no way a threat to you or anybody else as you had him at gunpoint. By executing him like you did you destroyed all of the roleplay that lead to that moment and annihilated the chance for any more roleplay in the situation. You could have continued to question your victim, you could have beat him or tortured him to see if he was lying as you believed however you chose to do none of these things and instead opted for the quick and easy option of shooting him dead. Due to this, you will be given the standard punishment for a roleplayed invalid kill.

With the above stated, the following applies.


@Notic3 | Invalid Kill - Roleplayed | 3 Day Ban + 10 Warning Points


Signed by @Conor & @Hofer

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