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High Value Trade

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*Sitting in his house on this late night he holds down PTT*

"Hello all survivors, My name is Chase Blackson, I have something some of you may be interested in. I have the .408 Praetorian Composite M300, with a magazine and extra ammo. Im willing to trade it. I do not need it for anything, it is to high power and dangerous for me being just a hunter and fisherman. I would be looking for a few item such as a gas mask, AK74, SVT magazines, sword,9x19mm. But im also open to offers so feel free to radio me your suggestions. Just to clarify also, we will do the trade under my circumstances, nothing else. if you don't like them then this isn't for you. Feel free to contact my private frequency at 177.3. look forward to hearing from some one. Be safe all survivors, Chase is out

*He then turns radio off and watches the beautiful sun rise*

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