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To the Community Leaders

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*A hand presses down on the PTT and a firm stoic voice emits from the radio*


"To all community leaders. I want to hold a feast. For those of you who are unaware it is November. Now I for one am fully unaware of the exact date but those of you who may remember of a day called Thanksgiving. I think it would be beneficial for the leaders or placeholders of the major factions or rising factions to meetup in a peaceful environment to discuss allying or terms of surrender. This way we can end some of the constant bloodshed of the world around us in South Zagoria."

A pause.

"I know this sounds like a trap and I apologize. I just want to see some peace. My name is Thomas Everett, some may remember me. I woke up form a 4 month coma to the Vybor incident. Please, contact each other through here. I want to meetup at the small campfire circle near Gorka, you'll see it on your maps as a small circle southeast of Gorka. We are all survivors, temporary peace can be arranged. No determined time or date set yet, good luck on your travels."


"Thomas out." 


The radio static and the voice fades, and the chirp of the wildlife fades back in.

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Laughing over the radio, Fae shakes her head.

"Y'all trying to bring your American ass holiday to Chernarus? Good luck, man.
You realise this is just gonna end in a massacre yeah? Sounds fun."

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*Michael looks at his radio, listening to the broadcast before replying slowly and in a tune*

"And who.. Are you.. The proud lord says."

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A transmission comes over the radio

"As fun as that would be amigo, I must decline. We have too many wounded to leave behind and a small community to watch over. We appreciate the offer and I'll be prayin' for things to work out for ya. Best of luck amigo!"

The radio goes silent as multiple people start to talk behind him. 

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The stoic voice returns as the static breaks:

"Might I remind you that Americans aren't the only ones to celebrate a holiday, most just recognize the term Thanksgiving. I'm actively seeking to find a place to devote myself possibly as well as try and find a locale that leaders can possibly ally or come to an arrangement. This is very possible, it won't ever be fully recognized through an open broadcast though."

A break as he flips through the papers he's been writing the responses in.

"Well that's vague as hell." A slight chuckle. "I'm a survivor, unless you've been around for awhile and were affiliated with the older groups you won't know me. I'm just trying to find a place."

Another break. Another page.

"Amigo, that's hard to hear. I will be in on open frequency ten. I would love to arrive and deliver what supplies and medical experience I have."

Another pause. No more papers this time. A sigh follows.

"This was mostly a test to see how hostile the leaders were with each other. Seeing how most aggression was directed at me it doesn't seem that a ton exists between groups at the moment. This is useful info. Get in touch with me if you're interested in this event. It'll be good for South Zagoria."


Static returns as his hand releases the ptt.

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Mikael presses the PTT

As far as I know, this is a Christian country so Thanksgiving should not be unfamiliar here

Mikael releses the PTT and goes to sleep

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*Juice Presses the PTT, nearly breaking it, and you hear a deep and frightening voice yelling*


*you can hear a crunch and then static*

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