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Memoirs of a (Fallen) Doctor: Comeuppance

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She lay there still, everything that had happened in the past days flashing through her eyes. Crimson upon pavement, the gnashing and gnarling of both human, animal and dead alike. A flash of bright, white hot and searing pain erupting over her side and her entire being as a part of herself was lost. The sweating comes soon after, followed by the shakes. The now-torn journal, pages faded and written over one-another is opened, an entry forming.


Just one more... No, two. Or three? Is that safe? Yes. Again, I know this.

(Something happened today)

A boring day.

Why do I see them in my sleep, now? The dead? The ones calling to me? No faces, but... They are easy to recognize.





The trees of the forest have turned into distant shadows, only there to plague me. Shadows dance in the barely-visible moonlight. Or are those my nightmares, still yet here to haunt me. 



(God have mercy)

(Forgive me)

How did it come to this? The vomiting is the worst part of all of this... Perhaps it's just a bug? That still happens, right? Can barely walk... Let alone do my job, currently.


Tired, now... Think they saw the wound... Fine... Just need more pills to fix it. theyfixall




((Wrote this up in about five minutes... Bit of context, though to the different colored text --


Red: Out-of-journal emotes, etc

Blue: Primary writing

Gray: Faded words / words that were written over))

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