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HAM Radio licences - 102.5 (open frequency)

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*Jan boots up the old Znet radio broadcast console and starts speaking into the studio mic*

''Hello Folks, Depressed cowboy here once again from Altar Hill. Today I got an announcement to make, but first of want to clearify something.
This broadcast is not related to the anarchist licenses in any way. Now lets get on with it...

We from Redwood Radio have noticed a decrease of traffic on the amateur radio frequencies and we only hear people on FM between 80 - 120MhHz.
The reason for this is that most radio novices only tune to the old FM broadcast frequencies. 

But there is more folks!! Most transceivers can broadcast on VHF and UHF aswell. These frequencies can reach way further. Up to 20-30 kilometers, if you
know how to use it. That is why we are gonna be giving HAM amateur courses at our radio station. Sign up right now when you still can and we will learn you
how to use your amateur radio properly. Also when you complete the course, you will get a HAM radio license with it to show your achievement to others!!

Delta Charlie over and out.''

*Jan turns off the broadcast console and leans back in his chair*

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*A half-broken walkie-talkie is booted up, somewhere in Chernarus.*

"I have half a mind to come over to Redwood Radio and get involved with that HAM radio course you got going. Could really help start up The Gerbil again and you folks have been good to us. Hope to see you then."

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